Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Food Review : WOODY Family Cafe

Most Singaporeans (myself included) love Peranakan cuisine as we are living in a multi-racial country, and we try to understand and appreciate each and every race's tradition values even when it comes to food... 
I was glad to be invited to attend a food tasting last week, which was located at pretty much on the outskirts of Singapore, and now I want to share this awesome eatery place is located at Andrews Avenue, Sembawang Straits Estate and it offers mouth-watering Fusion Peranakan cuisine.

I was at WOODY Family Cafe for my food tasting and it is known for their delicious Fusion Peranakan food. It caters to all ages and allows the diners to taste home-cooked food in an alfresco cosy ambience that will make you feel like home...

WOODY Family Cafe is a great place for chill-out with laid-back environment. It is a pretty good food haunt for people who are looking for quiet, good music and yummy food.  



Magical Potion
(Pineapple, Orange Mango, Ginger Ale,Rose Syrup Soda)

Devilish Pumpkin
(Tequila, Orange Curacao, Lemon,Lime and Orange Juice)

Devil’s Juice
(Cranberry, Tomato, Lemon Soda)

Frozen Blue Monkey
(Lychee, Beer, BlueCuracao, Lemon and frozen Ice)
Chewy Jas and Jess Baby were enjoying our cocktails...

Pumpkin Soup tasted pretty alright with generous portion of ingredients

Beer Batter Fish and Chips served with 'ah char', a truly nonya recipe. It is a pretty unique creation of a Western/Peranakan fusion dish as it is served with home-made 'ah char' instead of normal salad or greenies...

Chinchalok Omelette - I love the pinkish colored fermented small shrimps asthey give flavor to the whole dish, and it is a truly Nonya dish. I love it loads!!

Crispy Onion Rings served with Wasabi Mayo, and I savor every piece of it. OM!! I can't get enough of them...

The Mango Salad bears a pretty resemblance to Thai Green Mango Salad, but it is in Peranakan version, and every mouthful is full of fruits and vegetables piled up together mixed with their homemade spicy salad sauce.

Buffalo Wings in normal version, and to spice up your dining experience, simply level up the spiciness for your dining pleasure...

Challenge yourself to the ultimate level, Eruption Spicy Peranakan Buffalo Wings. The wings are seasoned with Chef Jenny's aka the cafe owner's very own chili padi sambal recipe, I am pretty sure that the spiciness is going to make you go wild...

We indulged ourselves with the Lamb Shank Rendang. Each lamb shank is brewed for 3-4 hours in Guinness stout and lots of other secret ingredients which make the gravy looks thick and rich.

The Lamb Shank Rendang served with bread...

Every dip tasted heavenly good...

The Golden Mushroom Crisps are pretty addictive, and I got hooked up immediately with one try and I can't stop popping more into my mouth. It is a great snack to go with beer while chilling out with friends.

To round up our meal, we had Blueberry GelatoIce-ream dessert.

Refreshing Coconut Sorbet served in Coconut Husk.

I like the unique way the restaurant has come up on how to cook Fusion Peranakan cuisine. Authentic yet special that leaves diners coming back for more...
We ended our food tasting at WOODY Family Cafe with a group photo with Chef Jenny and her hubby.

12F Andrews Avenue, Singapore 759930

Tel: 67581185

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