Friday, May 29, 2015

[opinion] Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Caplet Serum + La Bodega

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Caplet Serum is part of my daily skincare regime and my skin conditions seemed to improve after usage for a week, although it is not as moisturizing as the other products available from Elizabeth Arden.
This product is a treat for the skin at the first sign of aging, and it keeps our skin in good condition for the future years!

It has a lightweight and non greasy watery/gel type texture. 
I had the pleasure to use this wonderful product from Flawless Future Powered by Ceramide by Elizabeth Arden all thanks to Simply Her Magazine.
I was happy that Jeanne joined us for a pampering Sunday Brunch at Empire Shopping Gallery. Instead of re-visiting Jibby & Co, this time, we went to a new eatery place for our brunch. We settled at La Bodega, and they were shortlisted in the Best Breakfast/Brunch Food Category of 2009 Awards, as well as winning the Best Tapas in the Food Category in 2009.

The price was pretty steep to pay in Malaysia or to be exact in ringgit as after the conversion to SGD, the price was pretty on par to what we normally pay in Singapore for weekend brunch. However, the food quality made up for it! 
I ordered the English Breakfast Set which came with scrambled eggs or poached eggs and homemade brown toast, and there was also a choice of 2 food entrees to choose from the list of selections. Lastly, I also had a cup of coffee/tea and a glass of fresh fruit juice to complete my whole set.

My English Breakfast Set - scrambled eggs with toast, chicken sausages, sautéed mushroom together with my English Breakfast Tea and Orange Carrot juice.

My breakfast is sumptuous and it couldn't be any better than this. I love the juicy mushroom with buttery taste!

Baby ordered a Spanish Breakfast, a complete platter to start a day. The set included scrambled eggs placed on the crispy toast along with sautéed mushroom, potato confit, asparagus, turkey chorizo and chicken sausages.
We had a marvellous good time at La Bodega and the food was awesome.Thanks Uncle Mike and Shelley for the wonderful and hearty brunch. We enjoyed it very much, thanks ya! 

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