Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Weekend trip to Sunway Pyramid

My weekend getaway to KL again!

Upon reaching Subang Jaya, after a long drive from Singapore, we headed down to our favorite shopping/makan destination, Sunway Pyramid. We went to our all-time favorite food haunt, Pu Tien for our lunch.

Our MUST-ORDER entrée is the Sweet and Sour Pork with Lychee, and each bite of the delectable meat tasted delicious.

Hing Hwa Bee Hoon is their signature dish, and the portion is big enough to fill our stomachs!

We ordered something different from our usual orders, and we had Beancurd with Minced Meat Sauce in Claypot. It tasted pretty decent, and I love the minced meat gravy very much.

The damage was RM77 (SGD28-ish) after tax. There is no way we could have got so much dishes for such pricing in Singapore's Pu Tien.

There was a Cadbury Marvellous Creation Carnival at Sunway Pyramid when we were there, and we saw the opening ceremony of the event.  

Shopping time after our meal!

Lately, I am kinda obsessed with accessories, and I bought quite a lot during my Perth and New York trip. At Sunway Pyramid, I went to my favorite store, Bonita, and I picked up 2 pearl bracelets and 2 rings which cost RM57 (SGD21).  

Lastly l bought some hair accessories from Mr D.I.Y at Summit Subang USJ. The three items cost me a total of RM10.

I end my post with some sweet gifts from Vivian and colleagues. Vivian got me a cute leather belt ring from Bangkok, Thailand.


Hnin bought for me a Facial Roller from Yangon, Myanmar and lastly, Joanne went over to Sunway Pyramid during May Day holidays and she got me 2 masks from Holika Holika and a classy chain bracelet. Thanks Ya!

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