Thursday, April 21, 2016

JB haul + makan

I love to go JB for shopping and makan-ing over the weekend in order to take advantage of the exchange rate. Recently, the ringgit is getting stronger again, as compared to earlier this year around in January and February. Oh well, no matter what, it is still cheaper as compared to Singapore.

Recently, I picked up the 3CE Slim Fit Powder Pact SPF25 PA++ (#001). I really like it as it is easy to carry during travelling due to it is slim fit that is enough to fit in my make-up pouch! It is not the best one I've ever used before, but it's still pretty decent. I paid RM39 (SGD13+) from Kio Da which is located at Taman Mount Austin, JB.
Apart from that, I also picked up a cute necklace at RM15 at Kio Da too.  

I managed to obtain some In-Shower Body Lotion samples from NIVEA, and after using it, I fell in love with this product. I was therefore, very happy to find the same product at Tesco, JB!

I picked up two variants:- 'Hydration' & 'Whitening', and I paid RM16.50 and RM18.80 respectively. It's a pretty good deal, as compared getting from Singapore.

I went to the Padini Concept Store at AEON Tebrau City, and they were having a RM19 Deal for most items! I picked up a total of 4 items from there, and they cost me a total of RM87 (SGD30+).

I got this top at RM19 (SGD6+)! I love simple tops as they are versatile enough to mix and match with every bottom I have in my wardrobe! I really love shopping at Padini Concept Store as they offer a great shopping experience, and offer great savings.

My last purchase from JB was a candies dispenser from M&M which cost me merely RM8. What a steal!

I had my afternoon tea at Tea Garden which is located at Taman Mount Austin, and we shared Steamed Yam Cake, Glutinous Rice and Chee Cheong Fun. The damage was RM22.20 which was inclusive of 2 glasses of hot tea.  

We did our favorite thing in JB again, and it was café-hopping. This time, we tried Matcha Waffles at Atlas Coffee Embassy. It tasted awesome!

 Apart from my loots from JB, I also picked up 3 items from Lovisa from Orchard Gateway. My damage was only SGD15.

The bangle was originally SGD20, but was marked down to only SGD5! The sliver ring necklace was only SGD7 from its original price of SGD20, and the ring was originally SGD7, but I paid only SGD3!

I had a good time shopping at Lovisa! Sometimes I really wish that I was back in Australia, as I can get these items way cheaper as compared to Singapore, even during the sales/clearance season.

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