Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Preview screening of the 'Buddy Cops'

A few days ago, I went to the preview screening of the film 'Buddy Cops', which premiered on the 21st April 2016. Thanks to Clover Films, I was able to get this lovely invite, and watch this hilarious and entertaining movie which served as an antidote for my workload pressure.

This movie is produced by Eric Tsang, and it also features other stars' appearances such as Kate Tsui, Jordan Chan and veteran star, Stanley Fung.  
The movie is about a rookie cop, Fei (starring Bosco Wong) and Johnny (played by King Kong) who are at loggerheads and they simply can't stand each other at work. They both come from single-parent families, and they are FORCED' to live under the same roof after their single parents fall in love and get married. As fate would have it, they are involved to investigate a murder case together, which lead Fei to go back to his clingy and 'control-freak' ex-girlfriend (starring Charmaine Fong) to check on her boss, the leader of a triad, Hung (played by Gordon Lam)

I loved how the chemistry flowed between the two 'brothers' (Bosco & King Kong) as they brought much laughter and hilarity to the show.
'Buddy Cops' is a pretty entertaining movie which involved a bit of Cantonese dialect, and that added some hilarious moments to the movie. I personally find this movie cliché, but nevertheless, it is a nice light-hearted movie to watch with friends to have a good laugh together.  

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