Tuesday, April 5, 2016

'Mixology by Perrier' at Mariko

Perrier is the world's #1 Natural Sparkling Mineral Water which has been an indispensable ingredient in every Mixologist's cocktail repertoire for over seventy years.
Laurent Greco has been the Brand Ambassador for Perrier since 2010, and has been contributing to the creation of the mixing strategy for the brand. He flew down to Singapore for the very first time ever, for Perrier's Masterclass sessions during Singapore Cocktail Week 2016.
Laurent is a master mixologist, and he came into limelight when he won the French National Cocktail Championship in 1992. He then moved to New York and later Miami, where he pursued a career as a professional bartender. Later in his career, he expanded himself into Asian market by managing a bar concept in Singapore. Now, he lives in Paris and owns a bar called 'Mojito Lab' where people can enjoy creative mojito cocktails utilising various techniques proposed by the 'Liquid Chef'.

I was glad to be given a chance to embark on my cocktail journey with Laurent. We picked up some skills through the live demonstrations, and a step-by-step teaching process. He also shared his art of mixology and innovative techniques - By playing with open flames and gas.
Perrier Smoky Mojito that was presented in a smoky glass dome. This drink will definitely give all your senses a REAL kick!
 Give yourself a trial for thus drink! Below are the ingredients needed:

1/3 oz (4cl) of dark rum

a few drops of angostura bitters

2/3 oz (2cl) sugar cane syrup

Fresh mint

2/3 (2cl) fresh lime juice

1/3 oz (4cl) of chilled PERRIER

1 smoking gun

1 cigar

1 Glass dome
As per the advice given by Laurent during his cocktails masterclass session, we should all be proud of who we are, and create a positive experience for guests/customers. This got me deciding to not live in anyone's shadow and to be myself! To be proud of who I am and what I am doing. My main love now is to travel and to always have the passion to share my interesting travel experiences via my social media platforms with my friends and readers! 
Thanks for the invite! May PERRIER make you MERRIER each day.
For more information about Perrier, please visit www.Perrier.com

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