Tuesday, April 19, 2016

[USA Travel] Beverly Hills + Hollywood Boulevard

And my write-up on my US trip continues...

Today, We drove down to the rich man's area which supposedly has a large number of celebrities staying here. I however, did not get to see any, sadly. We got a good spot for parking which is pretty near to Rodeo Drive. Best of all, it was a Sunday, and it was free parking! 

Beverly Hills/Rodeo Drive is also a shopping paradise that exclusively caters to High Society and the Elite. You can find the most expensive designer' brands here, which range from Tom Ford, Versace, Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton, just to name a few. In short, I'm absolutely certain that whatever specific brand one is searching for, it can be found here!

The surrounding environment was good and the streets were clean and quiet too. 

For me, as an average salary woman, all I could afford to do was window shop and to take OOTDs at this 'atas' place. Baby did mention that if we were to ever come back, he would ensure we could afford shopping here in the future. OMG.


Amazingly enough, due to free parking, we decided to walk down from Rodeo Drive to Sunset Boulevard. It was a mind bogglingly long distance, we underestimated how large Los Angeles could be. After about an HOURS's walk, we stopped at a quaint little café which was named the 'Dialog Café', to rest and to get some afternoon tea. I had Chai Latte while Baby had Fresh Juice. We also shared a Raisin Bagel with Fresh Cream Cheese. 

At Sunset Boulevard, we did some inexpensive shopping at Target and Ulta Beauty. I picked up some random beauty items from Ulta Beauty is a chain of beauty stores located within United States. Among all my purchases, I love this 'REPAIR THAT HAIR' Leave-in Spray from Hask Essential the most. It only cost me at USD5.99! 
It is formulated with a special blend of ingredients to pack one's hair with moisturising agents that are lost due to harsh environmental elements or styling damage. It also helps to control frizzy and flyaway hair too.

We wisely decided to take a public bus back to Beverly Hills to pick up our car as it was getting dark, and that itself was quite an experience too. Normally, in Singapore, we push a button to signal to the driver that we want to get off, but in LA, you had to pull a wire/chord to act as a bell to inform the driver about getting off at the next bus-stop!
We travelled down to Hollywood Boulevard after picking up the car, and we did some souvenir shopping as this was my second last day in 'City of Angels'. My last day was going to be spent at the Universal Studios Hollywood, so I knew I had no way to do any further shopping elsewhere apart from Universal Studios gift shops. 


At the Hollywood Boulevard, there were many activities and attractions, such as Madame Tussaud's, the Hollywood Wax Museum, and Ridley's Believe It or Not


I picked up a cap at USD5 at a 5-dollar souvenir shop, and my Baby got himself an even better deal! The shop was having hourly deal and he only paid USD5 for this California Hoodie Sweater! What a steal!



Hollywood Boulevard is always packed with crowds, and the main attraction for tourists was obviously the TCL Chinese Theatre!
At the premises, we saw many hand/foot imprints of the Hollywood Stars, and we took many random photos!  

Baby took a photo of his favorite star's imprint, and it was none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger

We ended our cold night at the Hollywood Boulevard with a bowl of  hot soupy Ramen for dinner! 
Next up is my trip to Universal Studios Hollywood, and that will conclude my visit to Los Angeles. I will begin sharing my road trip to the rest of my California, and my first stop on this road trip is the quaint town of San Luis Obispo, CA (SLO)! Do stay tune! 

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