Thursday, April 14, 2016

[USA Travel] A day at Disneyland Park California

Visiting Disneyland parks all over the world is one of my biggest goals, and now, I finally can cross out the 'original' Disneyland Park California from my list! Only the Walt Disney World Orlando is left to complete my goal (not counting the upcoming one in Shanghai). However, if there is a chance for me to go back to Los Angeles again, I would like to do the Disney California Adventure Park.
Prior to my trip to LA, Baby purchased the tickets to Disney, as well as the parking coupon for the Disneyland park online! The opening hours for that day of our visit was 8am-12mn.
Baby woke up at 5.30am to prepare brekkie for us before leaving for Disneyland. Yes! I have a loving BF.

Baby drove us to the theme park which is located at the outskirts of LA, Anaheim, CA, and it took us an hour to reach there.

We arrived at the theme park about 15mins before the park opened, but to our horror we were greeted with massive crowds and long queues outside the entrance. This is the most insane scene I have ever seen in any Disneyland parks.
The weather was cooling at about 16C in the morning and 20C in the afternoon, and there were 8 main attractions in Disneyland Park California which ranged from Main Street, U.S.A, Adventureland, Tomorrowland, Critter Country, Mickey's Toontown, Fantasyland, Frontierland and the Orleans Square.



My favorite snacks are pretzels and Churros, but Baby only allowed me to eat either one at the park, as he is watching both of our weights while in the USA. To be honest, there are tons of fast food chains/outlets which are high in carbohydrates and fats in the US! No wonder the American population have an obesity problem, and that explains why I can fit in size of S/M when shopping in the United States! 
(Smiley). Alright, done with the above, let me get back to my park visit.


Upon entering the Main Street, U.S.A at Disneyland, we saw many familiar buildings and attractions which were similar to other Disneylands that we had been to before. 

  However, to begin our journey, we started out at Tomorrowland, which had been converted to a Star Wars themed land due to Disney's acquisition of Star Wars. This special event is known as ' Seasons of the Force'! Our first ride was the Star tours - The Adventures Continues.
This was a space simulation ride which had previously tried before at Disneyland Tokyo, but the California one had upgraded it to add scenes from  the latest Star Wars movie, 'The Force Awakens' and it was fantastic.
Next, to beat the queue, we quickly grabbed a fast-pass for Hyperspace Mountain which was located at Tomorrowland.
To elaborate, the Fastpass system whereby one could get a ticket to come back at a specific time in order to avoid the queues/crowd and gain entry to the ride immediately.
Originally known as Space Mountain, it has now been renamed Hyperspace Mountain and it is a high speed roller coaster in the dark with sharp turns and high drops. I couldn't see anything, and all I did was screaming while on the dark ride.

We entered the Star Wars Launch Bay (dark side), and Baby was so happy to meet and greet his favorite Star Wars character - Kylo Ren! The person playing Kylo Ren was very into the part, and acted aggressively and menacing to us! Baby was in awe and I was too afraid to go near Kylo so I rejected to take a photo with him.

Before leaving Tomorrowland, we also went onboard a submarine (no Star Wars theme) and we ventured into a voyage that had a theme of Finding Nemo.

We headed down to Fantasyland, and we went to 'It's a Small World'.

During the ride, I felt that I was transported to a whimsical world, as everything around me looked so magical and colorful.

I watched the performance - Mickey and Magical Lamp at the Fantasyland Theatre. It was pretty entertaining!

We also visit Mickey at Toontown, and we took a photo with him for keep-sake!


We had Soup in a Bread Bowl for lunch at Critter Country.

Mickey's Soundsational Parade was terrific, and I shall let my photos do the talking!

The Pirates of the Caribbean is a slow dark ride that took us to a long-forgotten time when pirates created havoc on the high seas. I am impressed with the remarkable graphic settings and sound effects. This was my second time on this ride and I realised that there were slight add-ons to this ride as compared to the one I rode at Disneyland Paris. Do prepare to get a little wet for this ride at California.
Do not miss the amazing Paint the Night Parade when at the park. Millions of dazzling light lit up and be prepared to be immersed in the magical tunes of Disney music! Beware of photo galores.


Before we ended our night at Disneyland Park California, we watched the Disneyland Forever Fireworks Spectacular! 'Beautiful' is the only word to describe the fireworks show

Although the park had extremely long opening hours, we still didn't manage to complete all the rides in the park. Argh! We left 4 rides incomplete!!! The main reason is because this park is huge in scale, and with the amount of overwhelming visitors in the park, it is impossible for us to complete every single ride in the park within the time frame.
Nevertheless, I really love the rides in Disneyland Park California, as the rides are slightly different from other Disneylands. They are more exciting/thrilling as compared to the rest of the Disneylands. We left the park at 12mn with a satisfied smile and walked past the Downtown Disney District which opened till 2am. We decided to give it a miss due to safety's sake, as we needed to drive back to our lodging in LA.
Thanks for reading my experience in Disneyland Park California, and do stay tune for more of my travel experiences in LA. 

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