[all sbout food] A trip to Johor + nandos

On a random Sunday, we decided to go and visit Johor, Malaysia. To beat the traffic, we used the second link instead of our usual route of the Woodlands causeway link. The Woodlands route is actually nearer to our home, but it's always jammed so we decided to go in by Tuas instead. Upon clearing the customs, we drove to Bukit Indah for shopping and of course to do lunch. We settled at Kinashi Japanese Restaurant.


 Baby had Chirashi Don, while I had Tenzaru Soba. I love my main very much as it combines two of my favorite classic Japanese dishes: tempura seafood and vegetables, and Zaru-style cold noodles.
We also shared a Dragon Mango Roll. The damage was pretty hefty at around RM123+ (including drinks).

As I stated in one of my previous posts, one of our favorite eateries at Taman Mount Austin had shut down recently and was now permanently closed. Luckily enough, we came across a similar and decent eatery place that sells the same thing! Who knew that 'Chicken Pot' was so popular in JB? This location is further away from Johor Bahru, but as it was fairly near to Bukit Indah, we decided to give it a try! This new place is called 'Chongqing Chicken Hot Pot'! It is essentially the same style as the other place that had shut down, but this place had less add-on selections. We ordered the signature Chicken Pot, and requested for the medium sized version. The Chicken Pot consists of various cuts of fresh chicken meat that is cooked in a delicious black sauce and it is served on a burner in a pot. At the eatery, one can also order some additional ingredients to 'throw into the chicken pot aka steamboat style and we did just that by ordering tau pok, spinach noodles, crab claw and crabsticks. You can choose the level of spiciness for your chicken pot, and we chose the non-spicy version for our dinner. The damage was RM75.

We had a good time shopping and playing claw machines. We left Johor around 8plus, and we were pleased that the jam was pretty light via Tuas Checkpoint! 

My random lunch with my office lunch mates at Morganfield’s, Suntec City. We went for their lunch sets, and each set lunch comes with soup of the day and a drink. I had the Grilled Pork Chop. Nothing beats having a nice meal and a great chat with my lunch kakis! 

Woo! Have you tried the new Boneless Thighs at Nandos? They’re thigh-rrific!! 

Baby and I had a Fri-date with Nandos to try out their newly launched Boneless Thighs, and they tasted thigh-memdous!! 

Do head down now to Nando’s to get a taste, as they’re juicy, delicious and protein rich! People who love to eat chicken but are fussy about bones will absolutely be thighrilled with this dish! 

I was on cloud nine again when I heard that McDonald's were bringing back yummy McGriddles! I am now able to indulge in this sweet and savoury burger whenever I feel like it - even after breakfast hours!!
I end my post with a random dinner after work at Paradise Dynasty, Suntec City. Thanks Baby for the meal! 



Like always You food looks great.

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