Friday, March 6, 2020

[Honolulu] Day 03 - Kualoa Ranch - Movie Site and Ranch Tour

About an hour's drive north away from Waikiki is the large Kualoa Ranch! This Ranch has been used by many Hollywood directors to film adventure/blockbuster movies with jungle and vast grassy knoll/plain settings!

Prior to our arrival in Hawaii, Baby had already booked a 'Movie Site and Ranch Tour' online at a morning slot.

 We boarded the tour bus, and the duration of the tour was about 1.5 hours! There was a jovial tour guide on the bus who provided us with great information, as well as a friendly narrative of the history of the ranch. She also pointed out various parts of the ranch which had official movie filming locations for our viewing! Some of the movies that were filmed here were 'Jurassic Park', 'Godzilla', '50 First Dates', 'Hawaii Five-O', and 'LOST', which are just to name a few! There was even huge mad made crater which was made to look like Godzilla's footprint!

The tour guide took photos for everyone, and she even brought her dinosaur prop to take funny shots for all of us. It was the highlight!

Do not give Kualoa Ranch a miss, if you are ever visiting O'ahu! It was a fun and enjoyable, beautiful scenic ride and tour, and the added bonus was to visit sites where some of your favourite movies were filmed! I really enjoyed the unique experience!

We left Kualoa Ranch and headed down to Oahu’s windy coast for lunch! The Shrimp Shack has been featured on the Food Network, the Travel Channel, and the Cooking Channel, as well as receiving rave reviews TripAdvisor. 

Baby wanted to judge it for himself. After eating their award-winning Pan Fried Garlic Shrimp, we were hooked and made fans for life! I can safely say I would visit this food truck again if I ever return to Hawaii! Bench seating is limited at the premises, but naturally one can take out their meal from the food truck and walk to the nearby beach for a picnic, with the clean sand and gentle breeze while dining!

It's hard to miss the bright food truck as you're driving along the coast.The Shrimp Shack is an absolute must-visit for anyone driving along this remote stretch of highway! 

It's Happy Hour Time for RKM, and we settled at Beach House - North Shore Haleiwa for some beer and snacks! Thanks Baby for the holiday and unconditional love too!

No Oahu vacation is complete without indulging in a classic frozen Hawaiian Ice-Shaved dessert from the famous 'Matsumoto Shaved Ice'! It is essentially like our very own Ice Kacang, but having it against the beautiful backdrop of Hawaii is a new experience!

The 'Matsumoto Shaved Ice' is located on the North Shore of O'ahu, in Haleiwa. Gosh, the line was extremely long! The shaved ice tasted great, and is a fantastic way to cool off from the scorching weather!

Lastly, we had our dinner at Liliha's Bakery before heading back to Wakiki!  Stay tuned to more of my Hawaii travel experiences... Thanks for popping by! 

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