Saturday, March 21, 2020

[Product Review] Protect yourself and your family against COVID-19

Thank you SENIORCARE / HONEYCITYSG for sending over your products!

 I have been a regular user of hand-gel sanitizer. During this period, I use it much more often a day, and this has made my hands feel dehydrated. Thankfully, I was gifted with the Sterile-X HX Anti-Virus & Bacteria Hand Sanitizer Spray. It has a skin-friendly formula that includes aloe vera extraction and a pleasant lavender scent. While it does contain a 70% alcohol content, I find that it doesn't have a strong alcohol smell!


  It is safe to use for both children and the elderly. The formula is fast-absorbing and evaporating, so as soon as you spray it onto your hands, there won’t be any sticky residue. It is also comes in portable travel sizes which fits well in any handbag! I love the convenience it brings in moisturizing hands and keeping them germ-free!

For more information on hand sanitizers, please click the link and check it out!
Antiseptic Disinfectant – Sterile-X X70 Anti-Virus & Bacteria Surface Sanitizer is a household disinfectant spray. You can use it on shoes, shoes, car interiors, door holders and any other surface tops, such as Kitchen tops/table tops! It is harmless if sprayed on the skin. It also works as a shield and remains on surfaces for up to 6 hours. It bears a refreshing peppermint smell, and keeps the environment safe for the family.


 This product kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses as it has a 70% alcohol content, as well as active ingredients which are safe for children.

For more information on surface sanitizers, please click the link and check it out! 

Pure Origins Premium Honey Range is 100% Pure Australian honey, therefore you can receive the highest quality and retaining all nutritional properties.
Pure Origins Leatherwood Honey is a rare and unique organic premium honey, only found in the heart of the Tarkine in the pristine Tasmanian wilderness. It is cold extracted to ensure the bold aroma flavor and to retain the natural benefits of the honey.

Take one teaspoon of Leatherwood Honey every night for general health benefits on a regular basis. It will help you to increase your immunity and resistance during this crucial period! 


 Lastly, each household should have a thermometer at home to check and monitor one's temperature regularly. If your temperature reads as 37.5'C and above, please seek medical assistance immediately. 
For more information on Thermometers, please click the link and check it out!

During this period, one must keep their wits about, as well as their cool. Remember to keep fit and healthy by drinking lots of water and exercising, as well as being disciplined in washing of hands! Let’s do our part to get through this period hand in hand! Let’s spread love and positive vibes together, Singapore! 

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