[Concluding] 2019 Birthday trip to Hawaii/Japan

Leaving Honolulu....

We had our breakfast at IHOP restaurant in our last day in Hawaii. It is an American chain which promises pancakes 24 hours a day! We naturally had pancake as well as a hearty breakfast set. After our meal, we headed back to our apartment to ensure our luggage was all in order. Thereafter we drove down to the car rental company to say goodbye to our Jeep! Upon returning the car, the staff drove us to the airport for our flight. Our flight back to Narita was about 9hours.

Due to the time difference, it was already dinner time when we made our way to Shinjuku from Narita airport. After we checked in at Sunroute Shinjuku Hotel, we made our way to Roppongi for dinner via the local subway. We settled down at Sushi Zanmai for our sushi fix. We had a satisfying meal and good time in Tokyo!

Next day, after a scrumptious breakfast of Onigiri and cup noodles, we headed down to Harajuku for some shopping fix. PARIS KIDS at Harajuku was having some clearance sales - each pair of earrings were going at ¥97, and I picked up around 10 pairs for myself and my friends.

I was attracted by a particular bright yellow store along Harajuku walkway, so we stopped by and picked up a box of fried chicken from Kin No Torikara.  

We had some ramen fix for our lunch.

Baby gave me a surprise by planning a dinner at the Pokémon Cafe. Pre-reservation was required to avoid disappointment. 

All diners got a collectible Pokémon card! 

There was an entertaining LIVE show by Chef Pikachu. He looked so adorable and huggable!


This Eevee main course came with a take-home die-cut Eevee plate.

I took many random photos at the cafe. Thanks Baby for the wonderful dinner!

On our last day in Tokyo, after a simple breakfast, we proceeded to Nakano Sun Mall to do some last minute shopping. We left Nakano after we had our lunch at our favorite Ramen joint in Tokyo! 

Baby is a huge fan of the Final Fantasy series, and he decided to visit the Artnia Cafe, a Square Enix themed cafe which is located at Shinjuku, Tokyo. This place has some awesome game-themed food and drinks, and it literally has a Final Fantasy mini-museum in it. It also a boutique where you can buy all kinds of official goods! A must go for all the fans!

The interior is impossibly cool if you are a Square Enix fan. It is divided into two sections - a cafe with merchandise, and a Final Fantasy Shrine akin to a museum!

We ordered Chocobo Chocolate-Banana Pancakes, which were essentially pancakes that are topped with some whipped cream and chocolate fudge cubes.

Square Enix' Artnia Cafe is an awesome place to go to! Thumbs up for the cool memorabilia - the Final Fantasy shrine and the themed menu. Definitely worth a visit! 

We headed down to Akihabara for more shopping before heading down for our last meal in Tokyo. We had a delightful sushi dinner. I went to try my luck with the claw machines again at Sega Building, and YES, I got home a huggable size Chopper!

I really did enjoy this 2-leg holiday, as we managed to travel to our 2 favourite countries - America and Japan. The only down side is the different contrast of the weather. I travelled in January, and I needed to pack 2 different types of clothing. Nevertheless, I will always do that because January is my birthday month. Thanks for reading! 


In future i want to go to Pokemon Cafe.

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