Sunday, March 1, 2020

[Honolulu] Day 02 - O’ahu, Hawaii

O’ahu is sometimes called ‘The Gathering Place’, as it is one of the easiest islands to visit in Hawaii with plenty of hotels and food options. It also contains the majority of Hawaii’s population and is where the state capital of Honolulu is located.

On the second day in O’ahu, we had breakfast at McDonald's! The McDonald's on Hawaii is unique, as they offer traditional Hawaiian comfort food, such as a rice set meal with spam and eggs, and 'Saimin', a soup noodle dish, as part of their menu!

We hit the road with our rented car and took the scenic highway to explore the beautiful coast!

We headed to the southern side of O'ahu and our first stop was at the Halona Blowhole. I am glad to report that it was one of the most beautiful scenic spots on the island! I especially enjoyed watching the ocean waves crashing against the rocks on the shore.

We took many random photos! 

We also did our 30-minute hike to Makapuʻu Point. The view was gorgeous!

We left for Hanauma Bay, which is located on the southcoast for a snorkelling session. The coral reef was gorgeous and simply amazing!


Before we wrapped up on our activities, we went to Waimanalo Beach for some sun-tanning!


 At the end of the day, I became as red as a lobster!! The sun is really strong in Hawaii. We had our dinner at Chilli’s Grill and Bar before heading back to our apartment! 

Next up! Kualoa Ranch - Hollywood’s Hawaii Backlot.... 


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