[product review] ANLAN Hot & Cold Eye Massager + ANLAN Electric Eyebrow Trimmer

Are you tired of using multiple eye creams to relieve puffiness? If you are, then these portable devices are here to ease your woes as they are great for relieving dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes.

Recently, I was introduced to ANLAN, and it is a beauty lifestyle brand that offers personal care and beauty devices.

The ANLAN Hot & Cold Eye Massager is a high frequency beauty device that combines Heating and Cooling Compression with a High Frequency Vibration to revitalize delicate skin under the eyes. It really relaxes one's eyes greatly!

This eye massager is suitable for exquisite care like lifting skin, reducing fine wrinkles and relieving eye fatigue. It is especially suitable for people who always stay up late, or for office workers who face computer screens for a long time!

The eye massager is light, compact and rechargeable, but most importantly it is highly portable and easy to use. I love the dual function of the product, and I can enjoy spa-like facial treatments anytime, anywhere!

Do give yourself a soothing eye massage right at home with home-use eye massager device! Get it from ANLAN Official Store.

Eyebrow maintenance is the current craze, and therefore there is now an increased need for eyebrow trimmers! I am really happy to have been introduced to the wonderful Electric Eyebrow Trimmer by ANLAN, as it is my perfect clean up tool for me! This Eyebrow Trimmer is a perfect replacement for my painful tweezers, and it also helps me to maintain perfect eyebrows!

I now use it anywhere, even during my car rides! It works like an eraser, is painless, and most importantly it is gentle for all skin types and is tremendously easy to use! The bonus function for this device is that there is a built in LED light for added visibility!

I love the 'Precision Tip' as it removes my unwanted hair easily.

Get yours and experience the convenience of this beauty tool/device from ANLAN Official Store.


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