[product review] GoodNight Tea by Dr Carey Tea + Friends gathering at GoCha Bar

Happy Sunday!

After the visit with the girls to the GoCha Bar in early October, I have fallen in love with their healthy drinks. They use 100% natural ingredients in all their serving drinks. Meryl and I decided to bring the Lee family as well as my Baby to check them out! We revisited this eatery place with them on a random Sunday afternoon at Funan Mall.

We took many random photos at the premises. Thanks for hanging out with me, girls!

Do you have difficulty falling asleep at night or do you still toss and turn before falling asleep? If you are experiencing this, maybe it’s time to to make yourself 'Sleep Tea' as part of your nightly routine before heading to bed!

Dr Carey Tea GoodNight Tea is a healthy caffeine-free beverage. Raw materials of GoodNight Tea are collected from wild plants growing in the primeval forests near the equator.


We can enjoy the goodness of the GoodNight Tea, as it offers high-quality sleep, increases immunity and keeps one in good health!

I really like the taste of the GoodNight Tea by Dr Carey Tea as it definitely helps make me feel relaxed! After having a warm cup of this tea, I do find myself sleeping better at night! Having a warm cup of GoodNight Tea is what I look forward to nightly now! Good night and sweet dreams!!


If you are interested to know more about the product :-




If you're a fan of grilled chicken, check out KFC's latest Grilled Chicken Leg ; A fresh chicken leg which is marinated in a delicious blend of paprika, chilli, pepper, garlic, onion, herbs and spices. It's grilled to perfection with a light and crispy skin, and it's very juicy, savory and tasty! Definitely a Finger Lickin' Good combo with Pepsi Black!!

Thanks for delivering my reward product over and giving me the opportunity to do up my very first video review and content creator for the Kanebo Freeplus campaign!

I received the Freeplus Oil Serum Cleansingwhich gently lifts off makeup residue and other impurities from the pores without irritating the skin, and leaving no oily residue at the same time!

The Freeplus Oil Serum Cleansing has a unique smooth texture that glides over the skin softly, leaving you with a fresher and clearer complexion. The mild, low-irritant formula is suitable for sensitive skin.


How I use it!

Take an appropriate amount and lather well with water to make foam. Massage onto skin to remove makeup. Use a facial cleanser to rinse it off.


I never tried this chicken leg in KFC

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