[product review] Illuminate Supplements

No matter how impressive your skincare is, do add in supplements into your daily beauty regime. A healthy, well-balanced diet shows on your skin, so it makes sense that supporting your beauty regime with a supplement could be a game-changing move, whether you’re combatting dullness, congestion or anti-aging.

My dark spots have faded and I now have brighter looking skin. My face looks clearer on the outside and feels healthier on the inside! Now, my skin looks brighter and healthier with a natural glow, and I am happy with the result!

The product has a genuine and impressive blend of ingredients that works to illuminate your skin from the inside out. Thanks Illuminate for unlocking the secret to glowing skin and full potential for beauty!

Thanks Daily Vanity and Illuminate for the try-out. Lastly, thanks Daily Vanity for sending more beauty products!

It has been a long hiatus since I last purchased new earrings, as I have been receiving earrings as birthday and Christmas gifts. This is my latest pair which was gifted by an online store when I purchased some garments from their online platform.

Weekends never seem to be enough for me, as time flies so quickly when I am doing things that I enjoy. Therefore, I decided to pamper myself to a nice mask treat to beat my Moanday Monday blues. Thanks ‘thegoodskinstore.co’ for sending me the Salmon DA Microfiber Mask for the try-out!


Amazing earring, where did you boy it?

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