[product review] Re:NK Pink Volume Radiance Color Cream + Ange Gardien Proof Volumising Mascara

I was happy to be selected by the company '0.8L Singapore' to do another review, and they sent me the following product :- 'Re:NK Pink Volume Radiance Color Cream SPF35/PA++’.

Just like its name, this color cream gives my skin a radiant and healthy glow! Apart from the glow-looking complexion, it also has a whitening effect and blocks sun rays!

I am surprised by its texture, as it might look greasy and thick, but once the product was applied on my skin, there was neither stickiness nor greasy feeling at all!

This is a great product for a skin’s radiant glow, but do take note that it has low coverage. Add in a few drops of foundation and mix it with the cream before application to achieve better results of coverage.

Thanks Re:NK Pink Volume Radiance Color Cream SPF35/PA++ for making my skin naturally radiant and providing a healthy complexion and clear radiance to the skin at the same time.


Thanks for the wonderful try out and the smooth delivery of the product and I do hope my mini review can help my friends and readers to understand the products better! Lastly, thanks for stopping by my space.

I joined the first ever Mascara Challenge by Ange Gardien, and I was given one of their favorite eye products - Proof Volumising Mascara.

The Ange Gardien Proof Volumising Mascara is waterproof and smudge-resistant which holds the black pigment onto lashes that allows it to last all day.

The Ange Gardien Proof Volumising Mascara makes my lashes look amazingly lovely. What I like about this mascara is that it does not clump up the lashes during application.

I can see the difference in just a few coats on my lashes. It is a perfect mascara for me as it holds my curls steadily for the whole day!

Thanks Ange Gardien for organizing the #DareToBegin Mascara Challenge, which has allowed me to know and learn more about this French brand!


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