[random] I dress up even WFH + New addition to our balcony

Pajamas have now become one of my main dress codes due to WFH arrangements for an extended time.

In general, most people won't care what they’re wearing when they are working from home. Getting dressed up for work used to be a sort of preparation ritual to me for getting ready for the work day, but since my normal routine has now been changed due to WFH arrangements, I've lost this experience! As such, I do think that sometimes I should still try to ease back into wearing something a bit closer to what Ii would normally wear at the office. Hence, I try to put on some earrings and very minimal makeup whenever I leave my home for dinner after work!

In short, I miss dressing up for work, so I decided to try out my office wears, but most importantly, I wanted to ensure that I could still fit into them!! #fatfear.

I've developed a craving for titbits and snacks ever since I started my daily telecommuting from home. Recently, I've chosen Fairprice’s Snowy Flakes as my snacking choice whenever I feel like munching during WFH.

I love the delicious taste of the Frosted Flakes of Corn! The corn cereal is chock full of vitamins, and the flakes are naturally flavored with no preservatives added! I like to eat the cereal with non-fat yogurt, as it does not make my cereal wet like normal milk does. Thanks Try & Review for sending this box of Snowy Flakes over, as well as introducing me to this delicious choice of breakfast!

New addition to our balcony!

Baby picked up a Dracaena also known as Dragon Tree from IKEA Tampines for an affordable price of SGD17. It is a low maintenance, easy-to-care-for plant, and it has become a popular addition to my home living.

On the other hand, my Monstera Plant is growing healthily. It was a house-warming gift from @thegrowroom99 in August. It really beautifies my balcony and give sit a 'green' setting!

Recently, I picked up this bohemian black top from a online shop - Miss Souei. Baby loves its tribal vibes!

Both Baby and I are now WFH, and I end my post with Baby’s prepared lunch - Penne with Marinara with Sausage.


I like this navy blue dress.

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