[random] Afternoon date with Meryl + Dinner at Kanada-Ya.

I entered the world of blogging way back in 2010, and it has been a great experience for me. I am happy to have met some blogger friends during my blogging journey whom have become my close good friends/buddies!

One of my closest friends from this journey is Meryl! Our paths crossed way back in 2014 when we attended a random food tasting together. We became closer as the years went by, and we've created many lovely memories together. We will definitely have more lovely memories together in the near future!

We met up recently on a random afternoon for some cakes and tea at Starbucks which is located at the PLQ Mall.

Both Baby and I love ramen, and we settled our dinner at Kanada-Ya. Yes, finally I got my chance to dine in at the flagship store - Paya Lebar Quarter (PLQ), as the queue was insanely long since the day they opened two years ago.

Apart from ramen, we also ordered one side dish, the Crab Cream Croquette to share between us, and it tasted marvellous! This is a satisfactory meal. The ramen is good, and I will come back again. The damage was SGD50-ish for two persons.

Baby was recommended to try a recipe from his friend, and he decided to execute this dish out for us on a random dinner. This is Kimchi Cheese Penne, and the main ingredients are kimchi, Cheese and Penne. Apart from these 3 key ingredients. You also need Shabu Shabu meat, leek, garlic, tofu and Korean mushroom.

First step: marinate the meat with soy sauce, corn flour and pepper. Next, stir-fry the white part of the leek and chopped garlic, then add water, and bring to boil. Add the penne and boil for about another 10mins. Lastly, add the meat and cheese and tofu bring boil again. Garnish the finished dish with the green part of the leek and seaweeds. 

Are you ready to dig in with us? Thanks for cooking, Baby!

Lastly, through the Daily Vanity’s Telegram, I got the opportunity to try out the No.1 Sensitive Skincare brand in Japan - d program by redeeming their trial kit. Thanks for the lovely try-out!

I end my post with a simple breakfast from Duke Bakery. We picked up this Japanese scone from Eccellente by HAO Mart located at KINEX Mall. It tasted so good, and we ate it with Maple Syrup! It was kinda pricey as each scone cost SGD1.50 but the taste made up for it!


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