[VivoCity] Afternoon Tea at Gram Pancakes + Dinner at Paradise Dynasty

I started to take days off from work in order to clear my annual leave this year. I met up with R to have our girls’ afternoon day out. We went for an afternoon tea at Gram Pancakes which is located at VivoCity.

Upon reaching the premise, we were greeted by Gram's iconic giant soufflé pancake plushie at the entrance.

We ordered Gram's premium Pancakes with Lotus Biscoff Crumbles and whole biscuit was added to our lovely indulgence. The accompanying fruits were pretty refreshing too!

If you are not a pancake lover, you can also try out their Gram’s French Toast. They tasted as tasty as the premium pancakes too! The damage was about SGD52 which included 2 drinks.

After 3 hours of non-stop chatting, we left the eatery place, and proceeded to Daiso to get some Christmas deco items for my X’mas Tree.

After my purchases, I made my way back to Harbourfront Centre to wait for Baby to knock off from work in order to have dinner together at VivoCity, while R’s hubby picked her up at Harbourfront Centre for dinner.

Both Baby and I walked back to VivoCity to settle our dinner at Paradise Dynasty. Our damage was pretty affordable all thanks to the members’ perks rebate. Thanks Baby for the meal!

Recently, I started to shop for clothings from Shopee, and I picked up a causal loose knitted cardigan. It cost only SGD5.60, and most importantly, it goes well with most of my casual wears. I really love it, what a steal indeed!

I have been working from home most of the time since May 2021. This stay home scheme has given me more time to take care of my skin! I now end my nights on a twice weekly basis with a nice 'face masking session'!

Both Baby and I are now WFH, and I am glad that to have my Baby prepared our lunch instead of buying from nearby food centres. I enjoyed my Steamed Rice with Butaniku shogayaki!

I end my post with my recent lunch at Hokkaido Ya, VivoCity. It has been a year hiatus since I last visited this eatery place, and it tasted still as good as before!

Lastly, I really miss travelling and shopping, especially to the United States. I love this pair of denim shorts from American Eagle very much, and I got it during my last trip to Seattle in 2019. The damage was only USD6.95 which is literally less than SGD10. If I ever go back to USA, I will make sure to shop even ‘harder’ than before the pandemic! LOLx!


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