TGIF dinner at Volare by La Barca + Group Buys craze

TGIF! Finally after a week of working form home, it is time to spend some quality time with my Baby on our ‘RKM FRI-DATE’.

We went to Volare by La Barca which is located at Odeon Katong and this eatery place gave us a laid-back feeling! It is definitely a hidden gem in the East, as they served serious delicious and authentic Italian food.

The staffs are attentive and helpful, but the damage was kinda pricey. The food compensated for the damage, and therefore I think I will come back again if I am craving for some Italian fix!

Starbucks is our favorite haunt to chill-out at, so we always end up spending our 'RKMoments' there. Nothing beats having our favorite Chai Tea and a slice of Apple Crumble Cake. Oh well, life's good and blessed!

On a random Saturday, both Baby and I went House-Visiting at Teban Gardens. Yes, we visited the Lee family. 

We bought our dinner from BIG BIG FRIES.

Apart of having the main courses, we also picked up their extra-long (25 cm) Fries with Seaweed Mayonnaise and BBF Special Sauce with pork floss. The 'Mentaiko Bomb' was actually chicken popcorn topped with Mentaiko Mayonnaise, and they tasted pretty good!

Thanks Chewy and Ryden for having us! Look forward to more home gatherings!

My group buy craze never stops, and recently I made purchases with ‘Keat Hong Group Buy' and ‘Teban group’.

Otah Buns are best for breakfast during working at home especially from ‘Soul Shiok’. I got them from Teban Group Buy, and it was a re-purchase as they tasted terrific, and what I love most is that they use real mackerel fish for the filling.


Apart from the Otah Buns, I also ordered Grandma’s Ngoh Hiang, and each box of purchase came with a bottle of their signature dipping chilli sauce.

I picked up the Mentaiko Mayonnaise Sauce, and it cost only SGD10 as the group hit the MOQ, or 'Minimum Order Quantity'! Will share more once I try it soon! I also received 2 samples try-out of the Herbal Jelly Drink (Gui Ling Gao) from WANG LAO JI (王老吉). Thanks Eunice from Keat Hong Group Buy!

I will end my post with a house-warming gift I have received from Sweetie... I received a Waffle Maker. Baby is thrilled upon seeing it, as he longs to make waffles for our afternoon tea time!

Thanks so much for the sweet note, so pop by often to enjoy facilities!


Wow. This waffle maker looks so cute.

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