[Café-hopping] HVALA @ CHIJMES

Meryl and I met up at CHIJMES to continue our café-hopping session.

 We decided to settle our afternoon tea at Hvala. I love the cool interior of Hvala's concept, as part of the café features a tatami concept, which made me feel as if I was in Japan again!

Hvala is pretty much very crowded every day, and reservations are not allowed. We went around 3+ on a weekday, and we were so lucky to get a table with merely a 10-minute wait! We were lead to the tatami area for our dine-in indulgence.

We ordered the Kinako Warabi Mochi with Japanese Black Sugar, and it was the perfect dessert for mochi lovers. I love the softness of the mochi, and the black sugar made everything sweeter, but not overly sweet. We love this light dessert!

Hvala also offers high quality tea leaves, so we went for their hot brew!

Lastly, to fill our tummies, we ordered the Dairy-Free Waffles, and it tasted pretty delicious. 

The total damage was SGD35-ish, and we had a great time doing absolutely nothing together, only enjoying each other’s companionship and we will arrange another meet-up soon. Stay tuned to our next café-hopping destination!

We took some random photos at CHIJMES before leaving the premises to Funan Mall to view the POP MART display exhibits featuring Molly by Kennyswork.

We ended our day with some photo-taking against the BE@RBRICK outside Raffle City Shopping Mall.


I love low taible in the restaurant

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