Unboxing my November's Partibox (Beauty Insider & Particlub) + product review - Brooklyn Herborium's Vita-C 10 Day Wild Berry Treatment + Cow Fart Juice

A month has yet again passed, so it's time for a show and review on my Partibox from Particlub! This month’s edition was kinda different as it was a collaboration between Beauty Insider & Particlub.

The box contained a bag of beauty goodies from Beauty Insider. I received 2 items full-size of beauty products and a deluxe trial size sample!

Beauty Insider is THE destination for the very best in beauty, and it offers products that ‘blew us away'. From bestselling skincare to make up must-haves! Product reviews are available at their beauty platform as they enable women to find the best suited products! What I love about Beauty Insider is that the website is easy to navigate. I personally feel that Beauty Insider is pretty powerful in influencing me in my purchasing decisions!

I really love the package of the Revitalizing Concentrated DNA Serum by SkinMed. This luxurious serum is formulated to repair, rejuvenate and revitalize. It's an essential product for young-looking complexion, as it promotes collagen and enhances skin elasticity for firmer and tighter skin. It is specially formulated for mature and dry skin.


The Revitalizing Concentrated DNA Serum absorbed well into my skin and my face feels comfortable after application, but most importantly, my skin looks more radiant and the results are amazing!

The Lagom’s Cellup Gel-to-Water cleanser is a perfect morning cleanser! It is specially formulated to remove based creams, sebum and other impurities that settle on your skin while you sleep. It is lightweight, and leaves my skin hydrated for the rest of my day while working from home or being in the office!


I was also given a small tub of Jelly Crysta from ASTALIFT, but unfortunately, it was only trial sized, and I couldn't really see much difference on my skin. This month’s Partimerch is just stickers, nothing to shout out! That summarizes all the goodies that I got for this month's edition from Beauty Insider X Particlub! Do stay tuned, as I will share on the box's content on my space again! 

Lastly, thanks Beauty Insider for introducing me to the award-winning products for my beauty journey!

Do you know that Commercial cleansers, in particular, tend to be overly-harsh and overly-used at time? The Between You & The Moon Skincare are holistic skincare products which are naturally created to provide products to support natural skin function.

The formulation of the Brooklyn Herborium's Vita-C 10 Day Wild Berry Treatment is gentle on skin, and is a great alternative to traditional peel treatments that can be use on sensitive skin.

The Cow Fart Juice has elements of what the skin needs in order to produce a higher amount of elastin when the skin is healing, leading to less scarring and firmer, plumper skin.

Thanks MAGIC HAUS  for introducing me to this amazing holistic product - Cow Fart Juice by Brooklyn Herborium, as I have been experiencing crusty skin on the sides of my nose and I would get mild peeling with red patches underneath my eyebrows.

I used this awesome product - Cow Fart Juice, as it acts like a potent herbal remedy for some of my skin discomforts to reduce scarring and redness! All I need to do is apply it as a spot treatment (1 drop) over wound-effected skin.

You can check out other products from MAGIC HAUS website.

This post is a collaboration with MAGIC HAUS and Brooklyn Herborium.

Reviews are based on personal experiences/opinions.


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