The Modern Mood lighting from Nanoleaf

Nanoleaf is the newest generation of mood lighting for the home, entertainment and hybrid workspaces. Nanoleaf Lines are smart backlit color-changing LED light bars featuring a stunning RGB illumination. They are known for their ultra-lightweight light bars that connect at a 60-degree angle that create sleek linear layouts. Each light bar can be painted with 2 different colors at once, blending seamlessly for dynamic animations, while the backlit glow casts an immersive design on walls or ceilings.

You can experience music in a fun way with Nanoleaf’s signature Rhythm Music Visualizer which is built into Lines. Each Rhythm Motion is uniquely made for a different genre of music, from bass-heavy beats for parties to soft melodic for casual unwinding gatherings.

Nanoleaf Lines can be controlled in many ways with the Nanoleaf App via Wi-Fi, voice commands or a physical controller. Nanoleaf Lines are compatible with several other smart services like Apple Home Kit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings and IFTTT integrations.

During the launch event, all invitees were invited to play a classic Memory game by Nanoleaf technology which can paired up our smartphone with the Nanoleaf App. It was pretty addictive, and I played a few rounds.

What I like about this product most is that there are many design customizations for Nanoleaf Lines - users can change the style of their layout instantly, all thanks to the ultra-lightweight snap-on faceplates, thus no tape or further installation is required. The skins will be available in December and they will come in both Black or Pink!

Do check them out via the following online platforms: LazadaShopee, and Amazon ; Alternative, you can also visit them at their physical stores - Brex International @ Oxley Bizhub, Synced by District @ Plaza Singapura, HipVan Experience Store @ Suntec, BHG @ Bugis Junction (from 1 December 2021), Takashimaya Level 3, Omnidesk Experience Studio

I am glad to be introduced to the Nanoleaf Bloom - the world’s first dimmable light bulb that doesn’t require a dimmer.

When you first turn the bulb on, it will go up to full brightness over the course of a few seconds. Simply flick the switch off then on again in rapid succession, and the light will fade and land lock in on that specific level of light. So just like that, you've dimmed your light without using a dimmer!

What I like best is that it works great for both table and floor lamps! Lastly, thanks to Nanoleaf for giving me this opportunity to try out and experience this amazing technology by Nanoleaf Bloom!


This lamp look so funny.

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