Lunch at JJ Thai Cuisine + Dinner at Xing Hua Restaurant

Everyone knows that I love earrings and I will wear pretty earrings whenever I'm headed out from home. My earrings of the day on my lovely weekend which were picked up from the Turtle Lifestyle Store, Jewel Changi Airport!

It has been about half a year since we moved out from our Woodlands residence. On a random Sunday we drove back to Sembawang to have our favorite cuisine at our favorite food haunt - JJ Thai Cuisine.

We ordered our usual favorite such as Homemade Thai Prawn Cake, Seafood Tom Yum (Thick Version), Fried Olive Rice and Phad Thai. The damage was SGD40, and we will definitely be back again…

It has been a long hiatus since I visited Suntec City. The 2 main reasons why I've stopped visiting Suntec City is because the company i work for has shifted to another location at Gateway back in April, and also because of the WFH program which was implemented since May. There are now many new food establishments which have now popped up at Suntec City, and some of the usual food haunts that i used to visit have now closed. Both Baby and I visited Xing Hua Restaurant which I have yet to try before.

We ordered Xing Hwa Lu Mian, and the presentation looked pretty legit and tasted pretty good.

The Sweet and Sour Pork with Lychee tasted fabulous, and it is always on our top ‘MUST-ORDER’ list!

The Oyster Omelette tasted surprisingly good! It was a pleasant meal on the whole, and the damage  was only SGD36-ish with their 30% in-house promotion.

Lastly, Baby invited his friends - NA & SW over to our place for a sushi dinner gathering. We were glad that they enjoyed the simple meal that we had prepared for them.

 We played ‘mahjong’ after dinner. Thanks for coming and a BIG thank you for their lovely house-warming gift - Apollo Portable Folding Mahjong Table!


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