Product review by Cherelle Beauty + Louis Vuitton's special event - The 200 Trunks, 200 Visionaries: The Exhibition

I’m happy to be given a chance to collaborate with Cherelle Beauty - a local skincare brand which is worth supporting!

I received a sample set for my testing, and these included a cleanser, face Ampoules and a facial mask for reviewing. I am glad to have been introduced to them, and they work well on me. I will definitely continue to use them to keep my skin hydrated at all times!

The Revitalise Soothing Gel Cleanser is a non-foaming cleanser which aims to cleanse the skin well, yet retaining its moisture. It helps to strengthen the skin defense against free radicals as well as lighten skin discoloration. It is also formulated to provide soothe skin breakouts and restore a skin’s youthful appearance by strengthening the skin barrier.

The Revitalise Soothing Gel Cleanser has a clear gel texture, I really love their gentle formula which provides hydration and boost overall skin health. My face was was brightened and there was no tight feeling after application. It also helps to remove makeup without disturbing my skin balance. It also hydrates and strengthens  my skin barrier at the same time. It is a gentle product which also does a great cleaning job as it left my skin feeling fresh and clean. It is suitable for all skin types.

The Revive Face Ampoule is a lightweight supercharged face treatment, which is formulated to calm and protect skin after encountering irritation such as redness and skin sensitivity. It is also rich in multi-vitamins & minerals, and it prevents moisture loss and deeply nourishes skin with nutrients. It helps to restore one skin’s healthy moisture barrier to ensure that the skin maintains optimal hydration and improved skin smoothness.

My skin feels smoother and more hydrated after a week’s usage. This is my photo with light make-up. I am definitely falling in love with this product as it offers an almost instant and pleasant result after one application. It is suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. Pamper your skin today!

I love using facial mask sheets, as each piece is packed with goodness to keep my skin hydrated. The generous serum soaked in the mask was loaded with nutrients.

‘I Look Fresh’ Silk Mask rejuvenates my skin by providing a deep hydrating and firming effect. It helps to reduce signs of aging, and gives your skin a firming effect after application due to an active ingredient- synthetic peptide which can be found in Botox. It is made of premium grade silk to ensure full absorption of active ingredients. For optimal results, it is best used at least twice a week for just 15 mins.

I am impressed by the instant glow result that was obtained after one mask-ing application. I love how my skin feels supple and brighter now!

Thanks Cherelle Beauty for the try out, and you have answered all my skin’s concerns!

If you are interested to try out the products, simply visit them at

In celebration of Mr Louis Vuitton’s birthday, 200 imaginative yet amazing trunks were created by 200 visionaries. I was happy to attend this special event - The 200 Trunks, 200 Visionaries: The Exhibition which is located at Marina Bay Sands Event Plaza. This exhibition was first debuted in Paris, and Singapore is the first international destination following the European location. 

The exhibition showcased the original and unique pieces that were created in collaboration with a mosaic of talents which consisted of BTS, Lego, Supreme, and etc. that summed up a total of 200 customized trunks at the exhibition.

I took pictures of some interesting creation trucks that I saw at the exhibition.

After Singapore, the exhibition will travel to other destinations such as Beijing, Tokyo, New York and London.


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