Monday, August 8, 2011

All about Nom Nom Nom

Dining at Vivo City has become a routine haunt for us... Baby & I went to Thai Express for our dinner... I ordered Thai Sukiyaki Soup... The soup was abit too spicy, but overall was pretty delicious.

With flash
Without flash

We ordered our fave side dish - Stuffed Chicken Wings to share between us...

Without flash

With flash

Baby had Fish Soup Set and he loves the Tom Yam Soup very much.

The damage was SGD33.75... The service was generally efficient. Thanks Baby for the lovely dinner!


After our dinner, I was craving for dessert... Therefore, we decided to pop by Honeymoon Dessert for some after meal 'sweet nothings'...

Baby took this photo of me when I just got seated...

An oriental and clean setting that will perk up our appetite

I had Dumplings in Ginger Soup

Baby had Walnut & Red Bean Paste

We shared the Durian Glutinous Cakes... The durian filling was very rich and we enjoyed this dessert very much...

The damage was SGD10... My little dessert treat for us :) 

As Baby & I enjoyed the food at Bee Leong Palace, we decided to bring our lil sista - Linda to try out this new experience...

We ordered our fave Fried Fritter platter... A MUST ORDER in my list.

Sweet & Sour Pork, Pretty alright, not the best but acceptable as a whole...

The trio of us love the 'Kong Bak Bao' very much... The braised pork meat tasted very good, and was perfect to be eaten with the soft and slight sweeted streamed dough.

We ordered 2 kinds of Mee Suan to share among us... The pi above was the Pork Trotter Mee Suan (Semi Dry) and the Oyster Mee Suan (soupy)... Baby & I prefer the Oyster Mee Suan to Pork Trotter Mee Suan. We will include the Oyster Mee Suan to our MUST-ORDER list... Hahaha!

The damage was pretty decent, we paid SGD48 for our meal... Hope Linda enjoyed the dinner as much as we did.

Dinner at XiMenDing @ Vivo City a LET-DOWN! This was my first and will be my last time visiting XiMenDing. I am utterly disappointed with the food standard >>> 2 thumbs DOWN.

All I want to say that the damage was not worth paying at all... The service was alright but the food was seriously sucks! Don't waste calories on yucky foodie.

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