Thursday, August 4, 2011

(Sponsored Review) LOVE MORE Gold Magic White Power Lifting Mask

LOVE MORE is one of the Best Selling Mask Brands in Singapore which endorsed by Tiffany Hsu Wei Ning...

Black Magic White Power Lifting Mask + 5 cm Neck Care Double Lifting Mask
Red Magic White Power Lifting Mask + 5 cm Neck Care Double Lifting Mask
Gold Magic White Power Lifting Mask + 5 cm Neck Care Double Lifting Mask
LOVE MORE’s 'super whitening' secret recipe and the latest 5cm extended 'Luxury Duo Lifting' 3D mask has fallen in love. This perfect couple works together perfectly to firm, lift and whiten the neck and face!

With an additional 50% of lotion based Q10, this limited edition mask gives the skin the top pampering treatment!

Extended 5cm neck care 'hive pattern mask' imported from Japan fits tightly onto the neck, and improves neckline and dull neck colour.

With an extra of 50% Q10 to improve skin's elasticity, the moisture retention on the skin improves from 32% to 46%, turning the skin softer, smoother and full of moisture!
Specially formulated whitening essence to take care of the face and neck by
whitening and moisturising at the same time. The 5cm extra neck care, the upgraded version of the hive pattern 3D mask, the exclusive multilayer elastic weave mask fits perfectly onto the face and neck and allows the mask essence to be absorbed totally.

Dull and dark skin is caused by various reasons. LOVE MORE specially formulates 3 different whitening masks, with 50% more Q10 whitening essence and luxury minerals and moisturises the skin from within.

The Gold Magic White Power Lifting Mask main ingredients include a strict selection of high quality essence: gold ions, wheat stem cells, royal jelly and bird's nest extraction.

The Gold Magic White Power Lifting Mask helps to target troubled and dull skin whose condition is caused by environmental and inconsistent sleeping routine. The troubled rough skin together with fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, and will cause the skin to look dull especially under the light. The Gold Magic White Power Lifting mask contains concentrated collagen and elastin formulated using the most natural way, the whitening essence in the mask will transform the dull skin to fair translucent skin.
Received a box of Gold Magic White Power Lifting Mask at my doorstep...

 The Gold Magic White Power Lifting Mask is recommended to ladies who have inconsistent sleeping routine that causes dull skin...

8 pieces in a box

 I love the extended 5cm for the neck care, which is often neglected during the skin care routine... The mask is soaked well with the essence and the my skin feel comfy as the essence isn't sticky at all. It helps to lift up my jaw-line area while mask-ing... I love the calming scent from Chamomile extracts... Most importantly, this mask doesn't irritate my skin. My face did look brighter and whiter after mask-ing, but I think the moisture level of the mask is pretty low and this is the only down-side of the mask.

Love More masks are available exclusively at selected Watsons Stores with the promotional Set at 8 pieces in a box at $13.90... You may visit for more information on LOVE MORE Facial Masks .

 Please join Lush Beauty's Facebook page and Love More Singapore's Facebook page to stand a chance to win a box of their masks!

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