Media Invite : 'SingaPop! - 50 years of pop music in Singapore'

'SingaPop! - 50 years of pop music in Singapore', a special tribute concert for musicians who have contributed to Singapore music industry for the past 50 years..

Organised by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) and partnering with our local popular celebrity, Dick Lee. 'SingaPop!' is held in conjunction with its 50th anniversary.

Thanks Karen for the media invite! I am very happy to be part of the celebration of EDB's 50th anniversary as well as 50 years of Singapore pop music.

This public concert was free of charge but was limited to a capacity of 5000 people. It was fully sponsored by leading corporations and major Singaporean companies.

The venue was at the Promontory @ Marina Bay... Dick Lee divided the concert into 5 different eras, each era representing a decade.

In each era, the audience was presented with the music trends for that decade, it showcased the development of Singapore's pop music over the last 50 years.

'SingaPop!' gathered some Singapore most talented and veteran singers such as Dick Lee, Ling Xiao, Sakura Teng, Lee Wei Song, Kit Chan, Taufik Batisah and etc…

The concert started around 8pm... Belinda and Daniel Ong were the hosts for the day, They stirred up the surrounding atmosphere with their hosting... I was pretty impressed by the way they controlled the crowd…

Waiting anxiously for the concert to begin...

As I mentioned above, the concert was divided into five different era - The 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and the 21st century and the finale performance with all the artistes on stage...

The concert began with the opening act of 50 years of dance styles with a special remix of six songs...

Into the first act - 1960s... The 'A-GO A-GO' Yippies!

Sakura Teng - 牧童之歌

The second act - 1970s... Into an era of country music!

Ling Xiao - 可爱的人生
Finally my era - 1980s... Catchy tunes were the catch for that era.

Lee Wei Song, Rachel Chua and 大风吹 - 情话, 魅力乐章 早安!老师 (medley)
Of course the 1990s - The recognition era for Singapore's music industry.
Kit Chan - 心痛

Tay Kewei - 城里的月光

Dick Lee, Najip Ali and Sheikh Haikel - Rasa Sayang

OM! The songs brought back a lot of my childhood memories. I love the sing-along feeling with the singers... A sweet nostalgia nite for me! Let us continue the rest of the acts... Sorry for interrupting due to my sentimental memories.
The fifth act - The 21st Century... I feel that the music from the new century era has a better music arrangement.
Ah-DO - 他一定很爱你
Taufik Batisah - Sesuatu Janji
Olivia Ong - 如燕
By2 - 大人的世界
The concert successfully ended with the finale performance of 'Home' by all the artistes on stage. Yes! Indeed, a sing-along and wildest night for all the audience (including myself)

 'SingaPop! - 50 years of pop music in Singapore' will be broadcast on Sunday, 18 September on Channel U at 9pm.


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