Monday, August 22, 2011

Magical Churp Churp Gathering

I was excited about this event, my Sweetie told me about this... Thanks ya for extended her invite to me!

Finally the day came, Sweetie and I reached Binjai Park for the first ever Churp Churp gathering...
The venue was at Canvass Art Studio... The interior was pretty small and artistic lol. Overall it was a good gathering :)
We took a picture with Boss Ming
Mingled with Boss Ming and other fellow bloggers...
Some interesting fun games were played during the gathering.

Brad from Ladyironchef performed some magic tricks for us... He was jovial and friendly too.
I simply can't get enough of Churp Churp Plush Toy...
Art portrait of Churp Churp... OM! It looks so adorable. 

Yummy cupcakes was provided for us by the Churp Churp teams... They looked so lovely and delicious...

Photos Galore!!!

Thanks for the wonderful instant photo prints that we took during the gathering.
Ending my post, with this photo taken with the Churp Churp banner... Thanks Churp Churp, I had a great time there!

Oh ya, lastly... I was given a pin badge during the gathering, the badge says 'FUNNY ON TWITTER'.
Remember to follow me (dipmecocoa) on twitter... See ya in twitter soon ^_^

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