Thursday, August 25, 2011 - Auction Trial

Are you a fan of online shopping or an auction fan? If you are, this blog post will be suitable for you. As for the others who do not like the idea of purchasing some items on line, I really hope that you guys can change your mind and give the online industry a try to serve you better.

I was selected by to attend the auction trial which was conducted in their cosy office located @ 33 Mohamed Sultan Road, #02-04, Singapore 238977...

The SOLD.SG team were pretty friendly, they provided useful tips and strategies on how to win some cool items from their auction site. It was a causal meet-up and I felt like I was at home!

This auction was closed when we were there... This person got this coffee machine for only SGD14.20 which was 72% discounted from the usual price... Ridiculously low!

They pampered us with delicious cupcakes :)
Sweetie and I were the participating bloggers that day... We will be given 50 x free tokens courtesy from!

We registered ourselves online during the event, and the free tokens were credited to our respective accounts... My userid - babyjessling...
Hi folks, I have some information (FAQs) to share with you guys, that will help you to ease your mind about this online auction.... I will start off with the company policy which is that does not engage bots or insiders to bid as they are very stricts on the terms that no employees or immediate family members of are allowed to participate in the online auctions. All employees must to sign a contract stating so before joining the company.

All the products on the site are carefully selected to ensure a high quality and standard, where importantly they are all brand new and from the direct suppliers.

For new bidders or the beginners, you can obtain references from their website under 'Tips and Strategies' section. Users are welcome to drop back to their office and meet the team to know about the auction better, they are glad to clear all the doubts in the process of the bidding... has been around for more than a year... They are the largest pay-to-bid auction site in Singapore... Yes, indeed! The founders of are still around and they will be here for the long run as they quit their full-time comfortable paying jobs inorder to focus and commit to make a sustainable business.

I tried to bid for 2 items using the credited tokens... It was a fun & exciting experience as you might just miss the chance to win the bidded item because of a sec of neglience... Every second costs Hahaha!

I didn't manage to win any auctions so far, but I will not give up on the items I like... I will read the 'Tips and Strategies' for better understanding to win the auction (hopefully, I can win)...

Many thanks to & for giving me this first time experience for online auction, It was pretty unforgetable :)

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