Sunday, August 21, 2011

Food for life

Linda loves everything about Korea, be it drama or food... She simply is a Korean freak! Hahaha. Well, she suggested to have Korean lunchie. We went to Kim's Family Korean Restuarant @ Lorong Kilat...

The most unique thing about Korean food is the banchan (side dishes). I was impressed by the no. of banchan provided by Kim's. The selection of banchan was wide with the total of 12 house-made side dishes that filled up our table.

This side dish -  Fried Rice Cake can be very filling as its own... This item is always my MUST order everytime I visit a Korean restaurant.

As kimchi has been listed as one of the world's healthiest foods, so we decided to order the Kimchi Stew to share between us... The soup tasted great!

 The damage was merely SGD20... With the generous appetisers, and the value-for-money dishes, I will definitely return with my baby or my friends if we need a decent Korean fix. Kim's is a great place to start exploring Korean cuisine, as the chef owner, Bong Gu is a native Korean whom has 30 years of cooking experience. This eatery place is run by his family and provided homely & genuine Korean cuisine.


Friday dinner with Baby @ White Dog Cafe - Vivo City... We ordered the Crispy Shrooms as our starter...

Baby had Fish n Chips while I got myself a plate of Seafood Aglio Olio.

OM! the pasta tasted uber delicious that you will ask for more... I am not joking as I felt myself asking more after I finished the whole plate of pasta...

The damage was SGD50-ish... Thanks Baby for the nice dinner!

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