Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tea lovers @ Arteastiq - Tea Lounge

A relaxing Sunday is what I am always looking forward for the last day of the week... As both Baby & I are tea fanatics and we decided to go for some atas tea session, so we settled @ ARTEASTIQ @ Mandarin Gallery.
I love the European set-up... A luxury chill-out tea lounge for gatherings with friends or spending equal time with your loved ones... Baby & I fell in love with the service and the cosy ambience.
My routine way of buffering our time while waiting for our orders to be served...

We ordered ‘Adam in Wonderland’ to share between us... Two scoops of Premium Gelato of our choice with 2 slices of Arteastiq Famous Apple Cake.
Pear Tea & Lychee Martini  
Baby had Earl Grey Lavender

I had dessert tea -‘Raffles’ - Earl Grey Lavender Tea with Champagne Vanilla Gelato

The damage was pretty pricey. We paid SGD43.43 for our ‘English Tea Session’. Overall, the food tasted good... The tea was fragrant and soothes our stress level down after a hectic week.

 I love this kind of laid-back feeling with my Baby... Thanks Baby! That was a great chill-out on a Sunday afternoon.

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