Saturday, February 16, 2013

All about RKM

I got the chance to watch the preview screening, Wreck-It Ralph last December all thanks to Sweetie who extended her invite to me. I really enjoyed the movie very much.
It was a pity that Baby who wanted to watch this movie did not get the chance to catch it at all. All he can do is watch it via DVD, but don’t worry, his Baby (yours truly) will watch it with him.

There is a game arcade featuring Fix It Felix Jr at Bugis+ and it is free for the public to play. Fix It Felix Jr is a classic retro game as it was out in 1982. Baby and I went for a double players mode to experience the 80’s arcade with stiff animation by playing a game with pixelated and 8-bit graphics. We had a nostalgic experience!!
In the game, players play as Fix-It-Felix Jr whose role is to fix the destruction that Ralph causes to the city. Each level consists of a different building. It gets harder with each level and building you fix. Avoid Ralph's attacks when he throws pieces of brick and debris at players.
Players can even use a golden hammer and throw it at Ralph to temporarily stun him. There are 16 levels for the player to complete to make it as addicting as possible.

Kim’s Place Seafood is a family restaurant established in 1965. The founder, Kim started as a modest apprentice learning to fry Hokkien Prawn Mee. His passion grew deeper after seeing the satisfied face from his customers.
After the food tasting at Kim’s Place Seafood last December. I was kinda attracted to this eatery place, as they serve hearty local specialities (cze char).
Every year, Baby needs to go back to KL, Malaysia to visit his relatives during CNY period, and therefore we decided to go for our reunion dinner between the two of us... I suggested bringing him to Kim’s Place Seafood to have our meal. 
Everybody loves Hokkien Mee in Kim’s Place Seafood, and it is a must order item at Kim’s Place Seafood. I ate the special creation Hokkien Mee, Claypot Roasted Pork Hokkien Mee during the Wine and Dine dinner tasting last year, so this time round, I decided to order the famous traditional Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee instead...

We enjoyed the Black Pepper Crab in Hotpot every much, and we simply indulge ourselves savoring it.
The Tofu Soup was a let-down, it tasted bland. I have nothing to say about the soup. Anyway, our dinner was pretty pleasurably as a whole, and the damage was SGD92-ish.

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