Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What has Jess Baby been doing....

Trio of us (Sweetie, Jas Jas and Yours Truly) met up on a random weekend for lunch. After our meal, we decided to shop around in the mall. To our surprise, we saw a large crowd gathered at the centre atrium of Plaza Singapura. Out of curiosity, we decided to kp-kp lol... OMG!! HK TVB stars are making their appearance at Plaza Singapura.

We saw 4 TVB stars making their way on the red carpet to the centre-stage, and they were Ron Ng, Nancy Wu, Edwin Siu and Kenneth Ma.


Ron Ng was the first star to perform and his dressing pretty much resembled our friend TZ Ow. Hahahaha!!

Nancy Wu sang a Chinese song, and I appreciated her effort though her Chinese wasn’t good.

Edwin Siu has nice vocals.

And lastly, my everyone favorite’s idol, Kenneth Ma was on stage, I started to like him eversince his last role in TVB drama serial, On Call 36小时. His role has left a deep impression in me. Though he is going to be in his forties, he is still looking good.

It was an unexpected surprise to meet up with the TVB stars when my agenda was to meet up my gal-friends initially. It was a double happiness day for me!!

Heading out on a random weekend for nice day-out with my Baby... Lately, after I dyed my hair last December, I love to tie up my hair up on weekend when heading out with my Baby. Through this two pretty much similar photos, I discovered my hair roots has grown quite a lot, and maybe by this mid-year, I might need another round of hair dye again.

Cze Char fare again at Lee Heng Restaurant which is located at Commonwealth Crescent. The Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs was the clincher for me. Sweet, savory and each delectable pieces of spare rib was fried to crispy and tender perfection. The portion was decent for 2-3 persons.

Eggplant and Minced Meat in Claypot served piping hot with tender pieces of brinjal in a very tasty sauce.

I will be coming back to Lee Heng Restaurant for more Cze Char goodness. The food was overall very good and affordable.

Another round of celebration with my favorite dessert wine, moscato d’asti, as the festive moods have not been subsiding for me… Hahahaha!!

Have a joyous and abundance year!! Plentiful wishes come true this 2013(:

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