Monday, February 18, 2013

Great indulge on CNY Day 3

Most Chinese believe that on the third day of CNY, it is not good to do home visiting, so this makes a good excuse to meet up with friends and loved ones for meals, shopping and even outing...

 It was the CNY Day 3, both Baby and I decided to meet up for Tim Sum brunch, as usual, Baby picked me up from my place and we drove to TripleOne Somerset. We settled our dining point at Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant for our holiday brunch.

As mentioned before, 2013 is the year to stay healthy and in good shape. Oh well, we are watching our weights and diets LOL!! We went for Steamed Yam Cake with Meat instead of the our all-time favorite Pan-Fried Carrot Cake.  

This time we ordered the Chicken Siew Mai with Mushroom instead of the normal and traditional Siew Mai. It was a pleasant surprise indeed, and both of us love it very much.

Of course, we do order our usual like Har Gaw, BBQ Pork (Char Siew) Rice Roll and Steamed Custard Bun. 

The soy sauce enhanced the whole dish and thus it tasted fabulous and I love the soft and light texture of the rice roll. 

The prawn juice was trapped in the translucent skin, and with just one bite, the juice rushed into my mouth and that was awesome. The freshness of the prawns was worth mentioning too. 

  I love the steamed custard buns loads as the sweetness is just right for me.

We shared a bowl of Boat Congee (Hong Kong's style porridge). The texture of the congee was pretty good, and this really lifts up the reputation of the restaurant's standard. We savored every bit of it.

We ordered some new Tim Sum entrees like Steamed Beancurd Skin Soup and Steamed Beef-Ball with Vegetables... 

 The soup was delicious

The beef meat balls were well marinated and tasted pretty good.

The damage was about SGD47-ish. We had a delightful brunch, but most importantly we enjoyed each other's companionship.
Ramen Champion: ONE-STOP for Ramen Junkies

Ramen Champion concept where 6 Japanese Ramen stalls (Bario, Tokyo, Gantetsu, Sapporo, Menya Iroha, Toyama, Tai-Sho-Ken, Tokyo, Aoyama, Narita and Ikkousha, Hakata) are housed in a Marche-like food hall.
Bario Ramen from Tokyo has been receiving raves on the net, but there was a comment given by one of the netizens that Bario’s broth will destroy or spoilt one’s taste buds and thus you will not be impressed by other ramen, as it overpowers the rest. Therefore I decided to give it a miss this time, so I can save the best for the last. 

Finally Baby and I got to sample the ramen at Ramen Champion which was located at the Bugis+, and we were there for dinner. Luckily, the eatery place wasn’t too packed–out that day. Upon entering, we were given a charge card as there will be no cash dealing when making orders from the stalls. Payment is only done once your finish your meal and the cashier is at the exit, a similar concept as Marche.
I had Black Negitama Ramen from Menya Iroha, the champion ramen chain in Toyama City. The texture of the noodles was pretty alright. The Char Siew and the Lava Egg were decent too. The portion was generous that I couldn’t finish the bowl myself. Baby had Ikkousha Special Ramen from Hakata.

The damage was SGD33-ish for two bowls of ramen. We are a big fan of ramen therefore Ramen Champion is a real blessing for us. It is definitely a good choice if you have craving for ramen as it is a place where all good ramen lies and the prices are very reasonable too.

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