Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Jess Baby loves cafe-hopping

8 Degree Taiwanese Bistro is tucked in a small corner along the shop houses at Serangoon Road

8 Degree Taiwanese Bistro is also known as the 'Jay Chou Bistro' , as it bears a very strong Taiwanese ambience and Jay Chou's songs and music are played throughout the opening hours.
Both Baby and I had the Signature dish, Stew Pork Belly Rice for our dinner.
We also ordered some sides to along our rice, and we shared Picked Radish Egg Omelette which tasted awesome-ly good.
We had Oyster Mee Sua too and it tasted slightly difference from others that I have had before at other Taiwanese eatery places.
I miss Taiwanese sausages very much, so I specially ordered the Roasted Taiwanese Sausages to satisfy my cravings.  

Baby and I had Honey Ginger Hot Tea and Honey Pomelo Hot Tea respectively
The damage was SGD33-ish.

WOODSHED is nestled in Rangoon Road which serves great waffles and offers a great selection of teas.

Upon entering the cafe, it gave me a homely feeling, and this feeling makes me feel like coming back more often in the future.

We shared a pot of hot tea, Pearl of the Orient and the signature WOODSHED Waffle with Vanilla Ice-cream.
We enjoyed the waffles very much and it is a nice place to chill out or laze away in the non-working/weekend afternoon.

The damage was SGD16-ish, and there is no GST or service charge at all, and this means all prices stated on menu are in nett price.
I re-visited Miam Miam again but this time it was with my Baby, and we visited the outlet at Westgate.
I ordered what I had tried previously, the signature Miam Miam Spaghetti, but to my disappointment, I prefer the serving in Bugis Junction instead.
Baby had Riz Au Curry

We shared Clam Chowder Soup and the soup is rich and creamy delicious and the garlic loaf bread is simply awesome too. The damage was SGD45-ish.

I end my cafe-hopping post with my dessert indulgence at Windowsill Pies which is located at Horne Road. We shared a pot of hot Orchid Oolong tea and a slice of Strawberry Lemon Pie. There is no GST or service charge at Windowsill Pies and we paid SGD13-ish for our orders.


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