Sunday, May 18, 2014

[Last bow] Sentosa’s Signature Songs of the Sea

I made my way to Sentosa to attend the Farewell Party of Songs of the Sea, and I was pretty sad to hear that Songs of the Sea and their mascot, Oscar,  were going to be history. Oscar was part of our ‘growing up’ friends during childhood days.

Thanks Sweetie for the extended invite to enjoy the very last time of the performance from Songs of the Sea.

Sentosa’s signature Songs of the Sea show cast its spell over the audiences from Singapore and the world for one very last time with a dazzling display of fireworks, enthusiastic singing along and spirited goodbyes with the cast. After a successful seven-year run, the world’s only night extravaganza set in the sea has captivated 8.5 million guests with a unique blend of live cast, dramatic effects and pyrotechnics. The closure of Songs of the Sea is to make way for the brand new multimedia night spectacular – Wings of Time. 

Wings of Time, produced by the award-winning events company ECA2, is going to unveil the majestic charm from 17 June onwards at the same outdoor theatre as Songs of the Sea. With a new 10-metre tall backdrop against Sentosa’s Siloso Beach’s picturesque scenery, the 25-min spectacular will take the audiences on a magical journey of regal proportions, with new robotic fountains, 3D video mapping and enhanced pyrotechnic effects.

A packed gallery of guests including myself were eagerly awaiting the start of the world's only night extravaganza, Songs of the Sea.

I enjoyed Songs of the Sea and I am definitely looking forward to the new show. Songs of the Sea brought back many fond loving scenes and flashbacks for many of us and has created a memorable seven years of fond memories for Sentosa.

The cast of Songs of the Sea and Mr Mike Barclay (CEO of Sentosa Development Corporation, fifth person from the left) take a final celebratory jump as the show ends its successful 7 year run on 4 May 2014, entertaining over 8.5 million guests.

Guests were in for a delightful surprise, as several cast members specially dived into the audience gallery during the finale performance, singing and doing hi-fives with the guests. One of the key cast member came down to audience seat and did a high-five with Mr Mike Barclay, CEO of Sentosa Development Corporation.

 Songs of the Sea ended the performance with a special ‘thank you’ note on the water screen, ending its successful 7 year run as one of Singapore's most successful permanent night attraction.

Thanks Buddy, you served us well for the past 7 years, and you will definitely be missed by many of us…
Songs of the Sea has made history in Singapore’s night entertainment scene and will forever be in the minds of many. I believe that Wings of Time will redefine history again by bringing together a breathtaking adventure with the latest multimedia effects and values.

After the performance, we headed to the merchandise store to see the huge iconic Oscar displayed outside the entrance, and everything in the store that featured Oscar the mascot were marked down with a 50% discount. Many visitors picked up the Oscar’s merchandises for keepsake for the very last time.

Wings of Time will be a ticketed performance, with daily shows at 7.40pm and 8.40pm along Siloso Beach. Premium seats are available at SGD23 per person, while standard seats are at SGD18 (standard rate), and SGD15 (for local residents). Advance tickets are available from 12 May onwards at

For more information, please visit or call 1800-SENTOSA (736 8672).  

Wings of Time tells the story of a fantastic journey through time and space. A bird-like creature, Shahbaz, from prehistoric times goes on an adventure with two modern-day teenagers in search of home. Along the way, they discover the world by exploring wondrous locations around the world. As the teenagers assist their newfound friend to find his way home, they too must face a test of their courage and friendship. What decisions will they make and will they too, be able to find their way home?

Lastly, thanks for the invite and the lovable premiums of Songs of the Sea.

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