Monday, May 5, 2014

Jess Baby's randoms

Hotel Puri Melaka is a boutique hotel in the heart of the old street of Malacca. The hotel is a restored Peranakan House which once belonged to the descendants of a rubber plantation owner.

Though it is still retaining the olden day's charm till now but Hotel Puri Melaka provides modern amenities to the hotel guests.

Thanks so much, Uncle Mike! I love my staycation at Hotel Puri Melaka very much.

Eleven Bistro & Restaurant is located slightly away from Jonker Main Street, and they served Portuguese cuisine. We ordered quite a numbers of food entrees, but I like Cincaluk Egg, Gula Melaka Fried Chicken Wings and Portuguese Baked Fish very much.

Honestly, I have been to Melaka quite a couple of times and I never really thought about stopping by to give it a try, but Uncle Mike suggested this eatery place for lunch. I was surprised that they serve good and delicious Portuguese food.

We organized a farewell dinner gathering for Irawan, IT guy in our company, and a handful of us headed down to Manhattan Fish Market after our work for dinner. All the best, bro! Till we meet again.

There were two undeclared photos that were taken during Extra Virgin Pizza and Vanity Trove event respectively.

On a random weekday, Baby and I headed down to Asian Kitchen which is located at Bugis+ for our dinner. I like the Granny Mee Sua best, and the damage was SGD36-ish.
Miam Miam is an artisanal French cafe located at Bugis Junction, Mich and I decided to give it a try and to our surprise, there was no queue when we reached the eatery place. *phew* 

We had our lunch there, and we ordered Miam Miam Spaghetti which is good for 2 people (permits only for small eaters) as the portion is pretty generous. The Miam Miam Spaghetti was sautéed with frankfurters, tomatoes, baby spinach, egg plant, bacon and soft/half boiled egg.

The pasta was al dente and I love the secret pasta sauce very much. Before we started our meal, we were advised to break the egg and mix well together with the pasta to enhance the flavor.

We had the Famous French Toast as well, as it is an all-time classic favorite as a French dessert. The toast tasted better with the sweet maple syrup. The damage was SGD31-ish and i will be back with my Baby for my next visit to Miam Miam.

I met up KarMan Baby recently, and she was so sweet to pass me some titbits/snacks and a Sleeping Pack from The Face Shop. Thanks Babe! Appreciated and I love them loads!

Lastly, I end my post with an old photo which was taken last year during the Delifrance Turns 30 event at HarbourFront Centre. It was taken by Malcolm Sunny. Thanks Buddy!

Last but not least, my new watch in bubblegum color... LOL


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