Friday, May 16, 2014

[New revamped] Food Junction @ Bugis Junction

Food Junction is proud to reveal its revamped food court at Bugis Junction, including the rebranded Toast Junction. A renewed clean-cut look, the new Food Junction has also adopted the concept of an art market, endeavouring to be the first food hub that promotes good food, comfort and the appreciation of art in perfect unison. With the Bugis Art Market, Food Junction celebrates the opening of a new food hub and a new milestone.

The interior design of Bugis Food Junction takes the leap into a more leading-edge appearance and youthful feel, culminating in a clean-cut finishing that is aesthetically comfortable. Handicapped-friendly features, power points, stall directories and signage in the food court are all part of functionality as well as enhancing the customers’ convenience.
The acoustic ceiling is made of sound absorbing material, I.E:- Cork, which reduces sound reflections. Together with an airy environment, these improvements make Bugis Food Junction ideal for dining and meetings.

You can now choose from a wide range of local favorites at the new food court, like popular nostalgic brands such as Odeon Beef Noodles and the famous Capitol Puay Heng Minced Meat Noodles.

Toast Junction in Bugis Food Junction’s Art Market is the first rebranded Toast@Work unveiled in Singapore. With a brand new logo, and modern, calming interiors, Toast Junction is now contemporary, chic and the new place to be for food lovers.

 Toast Junction serves nostalgic yet popular signatures such as traditional brown toasts with homemade kaya and butter, perfectly timed half-boiled eggs and its signature beehoon which is served with a great selection of scrumptious ingredients. A cup of full-bodied and aromatic coffee completes the breakfast experience of the day. New menu introductions to the brand include Mee Siam, Mee Rebus and the Curry Chicken with a crispy loaf.  

Capitol Puay Heng Minced Meat Noodles is generous with their ingredients, and with the amount of ingredients added makes it a great choice for diners to order. The noodles were well-prepared and pretty tasty too.

Diners can opt for double boiled soup at the Bugis Soup Master.

The soup is flavorful and rich in taste of the chicken meat and wolfberries. The soup is delicious and goes well with white rice.

The BBQ Chicken Wings are my all time favorites as a snack in between meals or as side orders.
The chicken wings are barbequed to a perfect crisp at the outside while maintaining the juiciness in the inside.

 For my own preference, I will squeeze the lime either on the chicken wings or the dipping chilli sauce for a better flavor indulgence.

Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee is one the popular orders in the food court. It is prepared in the traditional way. It was very tasty and the chilli enhanced the taste even better.

Another popular nostalgic brand, Odeon Beef Noodles was the clincher for me during the food tasting.

I love the gluey and sticky gravy used in the beef noodles. I also enjoyed the accompany chilli dip as it gave an additional taste to it.

Ayam Penyet is also available as well. The chicken meat is tender though breast meat was used to prepare this dish. The sambal chilli is very spicy yet feels 'shiok' for my taste buds.

Japanese Bento Sets are also available at the food court too.

Bugis Food Junction aims to be the new joint for trendy and healthy desserts. It has brought in new kid on the block, Yogurberry, the Korean branded yoghurt. Made with natural fruit sugars, Yogurberry is famous amongst Hollywood celebrities.

I ended my food tasting with a cup serving of YogurBerry.

Thanks so much for the lovely invite!

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