Thursday, May 19, 2016

[event] Get Gorgeous with Venus Concept

Venus Concept is the world's leading technology in skin tightening, toning and resurfacing. It has been successful with its ground-breaking technology which delivers fast, pain-free and effective treatments. It also increases collagen synthesis without any pain, which results in a dramatic improvement to the skin.

Venus treatments are highly sought after by Hollywood stars and celebrities worldwide as part of their regular beauty routine. Due to their hectic and busy schedules, they rely on these safe treatments that deliver fast and best results without any downtime.

A week ago, I attended the exclusive Venus Beauty by Venus Concept at Singapore Town Club together with my lovely girlfriends.


My definition of BEAUTY IS...

During the event, I tried a contouring session on my upper arm via the VENUS LEGACY treatment. It is a non-invasion treatment which uses Multi-Polar Radio Frequency technology. 

Due to being one of the first few to try out the treatment, I was a bit stressed to be lying on the treatment bed while there were many people crowding around me to see the process!

A clear and sticky gel was first applied to my arm, before a device/tool was used to massage and firm up the skin as well. As the treatment progressed, heat was applied, and I was old that this heating process is used to break down my stubborn fat around my arm. The treatment felt like a warm massage, but it did not take long. The results are amazing. The skin laxity is visible even after the first treatment.

Light refreshments were provided to us to fill our stomach, and I appreciated the thoughtfulness!

Thanks for the invite and do check out more about Venus Concept at

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