Thursday, May 12, 2016

[invite] A date with THE ILLUSIONISTS

Broadway's smash hit, THE ILLUSIONISTS returns to Singapore once again with an all new show and cast, and I was glad to be invited to witness the jaw-dropping acts of the world's best talented illusionists!
The highly successfully world's best-selling touring magic show, THE ILLUSIONISTS - LIVE FROM BROADWAY is now showing at Marina Bay Sands! The show will now run till the 15th of May 2016 at the MasterCard Theatres in Singapore. Get your tickets from your nearest SISTIC counter (,sg) or

The entire show is full of hilarious magic tricks, death-defying stunts and acts of breathtaking wonder, THE ILLUSIONISTS has broken the box office records worldwide and have thrilled audience of all ages with a mind-blowing spectacular show. It is a non-stop magic show with a powerful mix of outrageous and astonishing acts to be seen on the live stage!
The fast-paced and entertaining magic show features the world’s best/award-winning magicians over the world! Many vanishing acts and hand tricks were done pretty well which left many in the audience with a hard time to explain how these magic tricks are done.

I had a wonderful magical night with THE ILLUSIONISTS. Fans of magic who love illusions should not miss out this splendid show, THE ILLUSIONISTS!

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