Tuesday, May 17, 2016

[USA Travel] I spent my Easter's Day on the road trip

We rounded up our visit to San Francisco with a visit of the world famous, Golden Gate Bridge, which is located on Highway 101 North. After checking out from our lodging at Castro District in the morning, we made our way there by car.

A point to note to any visitor in San Francisco:- The city is built on rolling hills and uneven terrain, and many of the city's skyline and buildings/houses are on VERY steep slopes. I have never seen such unique geography which make for very fun street views!


Thinking back, when we first arrived San Francisco 2 days ago, our eyes were also nearly blinded by the merciless sun's rays!
Just to share some trivia, a great earthquake and first of 1906 that wiped out 3/4 of the city, and present day San Francisco was later rebuilt on said steep slopes to produce a city with unique topography
 street views!


We went to various spots to see the Golden Gate Bridge from different angles, and we took many random photos too.

We had our brekkie in a tiny cafe which is located nearby the Golden Gate Bridge.

The view of the Golden Gate Bridge was amazingly beautiful.

We left San Francisco on Easter's Day, as we made our way to Las Vegas. I literally spent half of my Easter's Day on the road. It was a long drive again of 7 hours from San Francisco to Barstow, CA (rest stop before continue to Las Vegas).

We stopped by to have lunch at Applebee's which was located at Salinas, a rest point off the highway. We opted for the sampler portion at 3 for USD12.50, and we selected Chicken Quesadilla, Sriracha Shrimp and Grilled Chicken Wonton Tacos.

After our meal, we continued our drive and we reached Barstow, CA at night around 8pm.

We checked in to Comfort Suites Barstow, which was located off the highway. We received a little surprise by seeing an Easter egg with candy in the room. Happy Easter's Day!

I am pretty amazed by the lodging/inns around the highway, as some of them are pretty good and clean. Our room was spacious and clean, with a comfy King-sized bed. Our stay came with a decent breakfast too.

After leaving our belongings in the room, we walked around the nearby area to seek for a decent eatery for our dinner. Baby was craving for something hot and soupy due to the cold, and we had Chicken Udon at a Korean eatery place, called 'Hana Grill' which is located among other fast food joints at this rest point.
We excluded exploring the small town of Barstow in order to rest up for the 2nd leg of our journey, as we had to wake up early to have breakfast and to head for Las Vegas, NV!

Next up, stay tuned to my write-up to the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas, NV!

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