Friday, May 13, 2016

Gala Premiere of 'The Faith of Anna Waters'

A few days ago, I went to the Gala Premiere of the film 'The Faith of Anna Waters', and thanks OCG for the kind invite!

'The Faith of Anna Waters' is Singapore's first Hollywood horror movie directed by Singapore acclaimed director, Kelvin Tong. He has secured Hollywood funding to make this movie, which makes him the first Singapore film-maker to have and direct his own Hollywood movie!

'The Faith of Anna Waters' falls under the 'Horror' Genre with similarities to another horror movie, 'The Conjuring'. The story is about a Chicago-based writer, Jamie Waters (played by Elizabeth Rice), who finds out that her older sister, Anna has died under mysterious circumstances. She travels to Singapore to investigate the sudden death of her sister. As the movie progresses, she uncovers secrets and other multiple deaths that are linked to her sister's death, together with her late sister's husband, Sam (played by Mathew Settle) to unsolve the puzzle.

The movie started off with a typical shot of Marina Bay and an aerial shot of the Singapore Flyer, but most of the film revolves around an old colonial era bungalow.

I love the interesting theme used in the movie such as the strange allusion to the 'Tower of Babel', but however, the film contains numbers of usual cliché and scenes that we are prevalent in most horror movies. The plot tries hard to keep the audience entertained, as some parts of the movie were rather monotonous. I felt many of the scenes/elements that were in the show were not connected at all.

There were many scary moments, as well as the usual fake/jump scare moments in the film, and I felt that were pretty well done throughout the movie. I do admit that the special effects, as well as the make-up and sound were done well. Do note that there are some gory scenes in the movie that might make some people queasy!

If you love to have a good scare, do catch 'The Faith of Anna Waters' which premieres on the 12th of May 2016.

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