Sunday, May 15, 2016

[random] Thank you for visiting my space

I had a simple dinner with my parents at Paradise Inn, City Square Mall to conclude this year Mother's Day Celebration. I always believe that it is the heart that counts. We had a pleasurable experience at the restaurant due to the good service rendered to us.

Happy Mother’s Day, and I love you Mummy!

As Coco's age is catching up with her, we have decided to spend even more time with her, especially on weekends. Baby and I have made a point to bring her out for a short walk at the stadium every weekend.

Although Coco is now entering her twilight years at the age of 10, she is still very active and playful! To me, she is always the same 3-month old puppy when I first got her. She is an obedient dog and she understands commands from us. She can also perform signature trick, a paw shake! I make it a point to always get her treats/snacks whenever I am overseas, and I did a few purchases in Japan and the USA when I was there. Upon seeing her enjoying the treats that I picked up for her, I feel very blessed and happy to have her!

I insisted that Baby bring me to 'Big Box', which is the new massive shopping mega-mart at Jurong, in order to pick up some shoes that were on clearance sales! The damage for each pair was NOT more than SGD20!!

I picked up 2 pairs of shoes at a total of SGD24. The 'Bling Bling' (gold) heels from DMK cost only SGD14 and the causal sneakers were only SGD10. 

Apart from the shoes, I also picked up a bottle of shower gel (peach flavor), and the product was made in Spain. It only cost me SGD4.95 for 500ml! What a deal!

My lovely Baby always fulfils my requests, no matter how nonsensical it may seem, and THAT is exactly why I love him so much.

Currently, this simple 'granny-purse' clutch bag from San Francisco is my favorite item for the time being. It was bought from Nordstrom Rack, and I paid USD7 for it! The huge letter 'J' is the main reason I bought it, as it is the initial to my name!  

Everybody loves taking OOTD, and this includes Yours Truly! There you go, my random OOTD shot against the amazing view of Marina Bay Sands.

I end my post with a group photo of me, Jasmine and Linda. We attended the exclusive preview of Tory Burch Summer Collection. Thanks Harper's BAZAAR for the invite!

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