[Day 02] Maru Koala & Animal Park + The Penguin Parade

My OOTD on the second day in Melbourne!

We drove down to Chapel Street, South Yarra to have our brekkie at McDonald's before leaving the city to explore the outskirts of Melbourne.

On this trip, I decided to get an up-close experience with animals uniquely native to Australia, such as either a koala or kangaroo! We purchased our tickets one week to Maru Koala & Animal Park prior to our departure date, and the park was just a 2-hour drive away from Melbourne.

 Upon entering the park, I was very excited to meet the wildlife, and the animals were very cute and sweet!

The Wombats were so adorable and they are native to Australia!

We got to feel the skin of a Python snake during the session too!

 Though the entire park wasn't exactly very big, there was a large area full of kangaroos roaming around where we could feed them with the kangaroo food we purchased at the ticketing counter.

The highlight for me for this trip was that I was able to feed the Kangaroos, as they were tame and friendly!

Baby topped up our tickets to have a full experience to meet the koalas and to take photos with them. I had a great 5 minutes or so with the koala as it was super adorable.

Overall, I really had a lovely day, and it was nice getting up close and personal with the wildlife and the opportunity to get some beautiful photos. I was glad that I went!

We left the park for lunch, and Baby drove to San Remo, VIC and we settled at an eatery place call NUDE FOOD for an organic fix. We had a delightful and healthy organic lunch!

We drove down to Philip Island to catch The Penguin Parade, and as usual, we got our tickets online before our departure in Singapore. 

The event took place at 7pm, when the sky turned dark. We were there an hour earlier to chope seats. I still felt the freezing cold even with 3 layers of clothing and a thick scarf!


While waiting for the penguins, it was also quite the experience to have so many seagulls hovering over my head! Unfortunately, I only took a few photos before the parade began as photography was not allowed during the parade in order not to scare the penguins. They looked very cute when the penguins came out from the water by batches. I was amazed by how organised they were when they walked back in groups to their burrows together.

They were so tiny and I discovered that they weighed only 2kg! The way the little penguins walked made them look like they were very blur/confused! The entire experience was definitely worth the wait and cold!

We made our way back to Melbourne, and I had a yummy home-cooked dinner prepared by my sweetest Baby. Despite driving long hours, he still fulfilled his duties as a lovely partner who takes care of me always. I'm so lucky!

Thanks Baby for arranging these 2 outings to meet the Australian wildlife!


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