Puvay - 100% natural fruit-purée based Collagen Drinks

I was introduced to Puvay's newly formulated range of 100% natural fruit-purée based Collagen Drinks, which gives the body a nutritional boost while replenishing the collagen we lose as we age.
Puvay's Collagen Drink is more than a normal juice or beauty drink as I personally feel that it is a beverage with a wholesome taste.
I was invited to the media launch of Puvay Collagen Drinks which was held at Yhingthai Palace Restaurant. It was an informative session as it allowed me to gain a better knowledge of Puvay as well as on other conventional brands of collagen drinks.

Each Puvay Collagen Drink contains 8000mg of 'Korean Marine Collagen Peptides' and these molecules are much smaller in size . It helps the body to absorb the benefits better and faster.

During these recent years, I have tried other brands of collagen drinks, but they were either too sweet or too thick in their texture. I am glad that Puvay offers a well-balanced taste and texture for my indulgence. Puvay creates a 100% natural fruit-juice beverage with high dosage of Korean Marine Collagen Peptides, and it is also low in calories too. It is definitely a guilt-free beauty drink.
During the event, there was an interesting segment which was loved by every blogger and that was to create our unique mocktail creations. I created my very own creation with Berry Husky, shaved ice, fresh fruits/berries, flaxseed and nuts. I was surprised to know that we can customise it as a fruit dessert by adding ice shavings and fresh fruits, apart from drinking it straight from the bottle!

There are 4 flavors to choose from (L-R) Peach Perfect, Mango Sunshine, Berry Husky and Passion Fruit Spring. I had a lovely afternoon with all the lovely people at the Puvay event, and thanks so much for having me at this wonderful event!

You can get your hands on these collagen bottled drinks filled with goodness at www.wellnesshut.sg, which retails at SGD7/bottle or enjoy their current promotion at 4 bottles for SGD20!

Enter the special code - PuvayJessie to enjoy 10% when you checkout your purchase online via www.wellnesshut.sg, and this promotion is valid till the 30th November 2016.  


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