[Day 04] The Twelve Apostes + Great Ocean Road

For the next instalment of my travel diary in Melbourne, I will be writing about the magical Great Ocean Road! Most people know this scenic route for the 'Twelve Apostles' attraction, but did you know that the entire Ocean road is the world's largest war memorial? It was built as a tribute to the soldiers of Australia who lost their lives in the first world war.
We set off pretty early in the morning, after finishing our sumptuous home-cooked brekkie which was prepared by my Baby!
We had a wonderful time experiencing one of the world's scenic coastal drives. The rainforests, seaside towns, and general farmland of the country side was very beautiful. I would even dare to say that it was almost, if not, equal to the beauty of the West Coast/Big Sur in America.  

Just like Big Sur, the 'Twelve Apostles' was the crown jewel of the Ocean Road Drive, and it is about 3.5 to 4 hours drive to from Melbourne. The Twelve Apostles are a collection of limestones stacked off the shore of Port Campbell National Park, and we were very glad to witness the magnificent scenery and natural beauty of it all.

We stopped at various intervals while driving, as there were plenty of spots for photography of the beautiful scenery. Although it is a fairly long drive, I fully recommend visiting it as the long drive is really worth it! 



We climbed and walked just to catch a glimpse of the beautiful scenery. Upon seeing the amazing scenery, the long drive is totally worth it! The sounds of the waves was so calming and soothing. The lovely breeze and beautiful ocean view were splendid!



After we bid goodbye to the breath-taking 12 Apostles, we drove to Port Campbell for lunch. We settled at an eatery place named Waves Cafe.Bar.Restaurant. 

After lunch, we explored the quaint town of Port Campbell. 

On our way back to Melbourne, we dropped by the seaside town of Apollo Bay for more photo-taking! 

It was an unforgettable experience driving down the Great Ocean Road to The Twelve Apostles. 

After reaching Melbourne, we ended our day at Nara Thai, a Thai restaurant located opposite our apartment. Normally, I do not have high expectations when it comes to Asian food in western countries, but this eatery place proved me wrong. The Thai food that was served was very authentic and asted awesome! 

Thanks for reading! I hope you can continue to look out for my space for my next Melbourne post!


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