[media invite] Sarnies X The Entertainer App

I am someone who loves to eat out, and my weekly dining expenses are pretty hefty. Now, with The Entertainer App, I can get 1-for-1 deals which makes my indulgence more worthwhile! This helps me to maintain my dining out habits without to feel a pinch in my pockets. It really helps me to acquire great savings when there are big group gathering or even for a simple meal outing on a date.

'Redeeming' the offers from the app is as easy as ABC. All we have to do is to key our PIN number via the mobile app at the participating outlets and the staff of your desired eatery place will confirm the deal by keying their respective PIN on your app. The dining deal is good for a 3-time usage at the same restaurant.

If you are someone who dines out often like me, this has to be one of the best dining deals out there! It is available for download via Google Play and Apple Store. This is something you should NOT miss out!
The usual price for The Entertainer App is SGD85 but if you key in this promo code SGBLOG2016, you will save SGD10. All 1-for-1 deal offers by the app are valid till end of 2016.

This brings me to the food tasting with The Entertainer at Sarnies, a pumping little cafe which is located at the bustling CBD, along Telok Ayer Street.

I am a slider lover, and we tried out the vegan sliders at Sarnies.

The Grilled Haloumi with Onion Jam & Roasted Cherry Tomatoes tasted fabulous. I love the bite size buttery bun, as it was the perfect size to my liking.
Another appetiser served was Pulled Pork Taco with Chilli, Coriander, Lime & Red Cabbage. The pulled pork was well seasoned and the tender and juicy pulled pork tasted amazing!

I had Spicy Buffalo Wings, and they were pretty meaty. When the wings arrived on our table, they looked and smelled good. Each wing had just the right amount of sauce coating, and it tasted good.

We moved forward to our main course, Southern Indian Style Hand Cut Pappardelle with Prawns, Coconut Milk, Curry leaves. The classical creamy sauce pasta tasted well with the authentic aromatic curry leaves. I love how this dish is cooked using, the coconut milk instead of heavy cream and the whole dish went perfectly well with Chef Zak's cooking method.

I was glad to taste the Texas Style Burger with Overnight Smoked Brisket, white Slaw, Dijon, Gherkins, BBQ Sauce & Hand Cut Wedges, and the BBQ sauce gives the smoke meat patty a wonderful and authentic Texan flavour.

\We rounded up our session with yummy Churros with Salted Caramel & Chocolate Sauce. You will never go wrong with these Spanish treats which are made from a dough similar to choux pastry and cooked in the same way as a doughout. It tasted heavenly good with the dipper sauce.
Thanks Sarnies and The Entertainer App for the lovely invite!

Cafe Sarnies

136 Telok Ayer Street Singapore 068601


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