CLEO Society Exclusive Event with LipHop + sweet gifts

Throwback to early October! The Sample Store hosted a mini tea session with 'Influencers', and the gathering was held at the Sample Store's office, at the Singapore Post Office Center Building.

We had a fun and causal session. Thanks for having us! 

Thanks dearie, Meryl for bringing me to the CLEO Society Exclusive Event with LipHop which was held at Guardian Plus, Takashimaya S.C.

LipHop offers a comprehensive range of skincare products at pocket-friendly prices. The skincare ranges were dermatologically tested and proven, and are formulated and made in Korea with premium ingredients. 

The LipHop skincare range consists of four series - Bye Bye Pores, Bright & Glow, Spa Splash and Smoothie Horse Oil. These exciting new products combat specific skincare needs, and all LipHop skincare products are free from Parabens. 

LipHop Bye Bye Pore-Care Face Sherbet Gel under the BYE BYE PORES Series is specially designed to soothe skin and ease pore concerns. The lightweight sherbet gel is formulated with Green Tea Extract from Korea which leaves a refreshing and cooling sensation. The face gel also contains antioxidant properties and help to reduce excess sebum and refines pores, leaving a soothed and moisturised skin.

Keep your skin feeling fresh and youthful with LipHop Bright & Glow. It is formulated with Korean Makgeolli extract which helps to brighten up the skin and reduce appearance of dark spots. 

LipHop Bright & Glow Softie Cloud Face Cream is a delightful brightening treatment with a fluffy and cloud-like texture. It also helps to brighten and moisturised skin, while also helping to reduce of the appearance of dark spots that leaves one with a healthy and luminous effect! 

Keeping your skin looking healthy, youthful and well-hydrated with LipHop Spa Splash. 

LipHop Smoothie Horse Oil Ultra Smooth Face Serum helps to hydrate skin and improve skin texture. By applying on the face and neck in the day and night, before following up moisturiser, one can definitely feel the difference!

Thanks CLEO and LipHop for the lovely goodies!

I've been using the LipHop Spa Splash Aqua Facial Cleansing Water, and I find it removes make-up easily, yet purifies my skin at the same time! It finishes and removes dead skin, so as to achieve a smooth and healthy complexion. 

Recently, my parents went on a Taiwan holiday with my brother and his family. Mommy got me some stuffs during her trip. 

Among all, I love these the most! The Chupa Chups Lip Gloss (strawberry flavored) which was retailed at NT299. I also gpt a Triple-colored lipstick from Miss Hana at NT199.

At the same time, my lil' sista, Joanne also made her Yolo Solo trip to Taiwan, and she brought back some stuff for me too!. Thank so much, I love them all! 

Shiseido Lip Amulet - Wine Grape

Gudetama Lazy & Easy Collection 2016 Facial Mask Sheet 

Vaseline Lip Therapy - Sheer Pink Tint with a light rose fragrance.


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